It is not supposed to SNOW in October

Having spent two years in the warmth of the Northern Territory, despite cyclones and how cold it can be at the bottom of an open cut Gold Mine in the Dry Season… I would like to protest about the weather this morning.

BIG. FAT. FLUFFY snowflakes.

Not settling but enough to remind you it’s frickin’ cold. 

In October. No less.

And my fingers were refusing to do up the D shackles on the Pony Puller as I connected it to Green Car.

The quadrupedal residents of Plan Woolly Version B… and I will have to make some introductory announcements shortly (plus pictures) were somewhat less than impressed with the significant downturn in temperature.     Which, at the risk of jumping on the bandwagon, resembles all-too closely the roller-coaster ride that is of course, the global economy. As I am a steadfast The West Wing fan, I will not refer to it as a “Recession” but as, Josh would have it, Bagel.

The good news : Alvin the Assaulted Alpaca is on the mend. I now know more about dealing with major injuries in alpacas (same as miners and construction workers really, only one has more hair. I’ll let you figure out which 🙂 ) than I possibly needed to know – but hey.

Other Good news. Alfred the Absent Alpaca has now rejoined the fold. This was, again, one of those laugh or cry moments.   (We have many of them. Like when dogs try to help you.)  I had caught Alvin and tied him to a post.

Alvin objected to this.


Alfred’s swear word of choice is a high pitched “YERP! YERP! YERP!” and David-who-comes-to-help gets sworn at a lot.  David is young and whilst, knows a great deal about sheep and cattle, does not appreciate the Zen of Catching Alpacas.

Alfred gave David-who-comes-to-help (he is called this because that’s what he does… he’s 30, tall, horsy and straight. Anybody involved in the Horse world will know this a rarity.  He is waaaay too young for me but amusing:  He has had 3 girlfriends in the past month. It’s impressive in that “I remember having that much energy “way”  also amusing because the bleating text messages of the various and increasing exes are a) frequent and b) funny.) a great deal of exercise on Sunday until we hatched a Cunning Plan.

In fact, so cunning, you could stick a tail on it and call it a fox.  For reasons that … well… I have mentioned before that I would rather not associate closely with those Woollies that are likely to be invited to lunch… but David bought three of them.

One girl, two boys. Not sure if I should post pictures. I don’t want you to get attached to them (actually only two are for lunch… this dos not make it any better).

And Alvin was utterly *horrified* when the three Sheepses were escorted into the Alpaca Abode.

And so was Alfred, lurking in the Ti-tree bushes above.

Anyway… Alvin was tied to the stake and protesting that his was the One True Faith and God would grant him resurrection on Judgement Day when I martyred him.

This did not happen.

However – he does have a Smiley face on his side from me spraying him with Antibacterial + Fly Spray.

You start with the wound.. then the leg.. and you think “I’ll do his tail” and then…. before you know it, the Alpaca has his name, your name, and a script for Macbeth written on him.

You have to do these things.

It takes your mind off the Maggots.

I drove the – I think of them as Woolly Goldfish – same mentality:  “Oh! Look! there’s a rock in here. Oh – look: a Rock”- Sheepses up to a top corner.

The gate was open.

I heard the footfalls of Alpacerish feet. And David’s “Don’t move”. And the squeak of a rebar-re-inforced gate closing.

And Alfred was nabbed. And therefore, is now refered to as “Alfred the Apprehended Alpaca”.

The Three Sheeps (which could be the name of a rolicking Olde Worlde Pub) obviously understand Alpaca and  all were last seen this morning, amidst the scenic cold, browsing over a clump of sorrel.

In other news… Kris has a new puppy – and sent me photos to drool over. Canadian Barb, despite all her protestations that she couldneverevereverEVER do a Christening Gown in a fine weight or thread.. has succumbed to the temptation of the Dark Side – or at least Fingering weight and is sending me progress pics. Toni who reads the Blog is probably waiting for me to add some news…..

My own Laceweight Merino Christening Gown, now 14months old and about that long in centimetres, is progressing. It’s worth noting that the 23,452 kms the Gown has notched up now also include to trips to Western Australia (Where QANTAS  took the opportunity and lost my luggage AGAIN, YOU BASTARDS!!!!) and Newcastle as part of it’s growth. The half hour I spent crocheting at Perth Domestic waiting for the shuttle was an exercise in explaining to people that crochet is not a dying art.

No. It’s not.

Especially not when I spent last night planning out my entries for Canberra Royal.

And then the length of “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” finishing a Mohair Shawl.

I’m about to publish that pattern as it’s quite definitely the easiest shawl you will ever make.

Picot Mesh. It’s lovely. This is blue and a bit sparkly. And fluffy, so hopefully the dog hair doesn’t show.

On the Woolly (non-ambulant) front, I have been REMARKABLY restrained. I have only bought three hanks of White Superfine Merino (it’s eight ply, and in natural…. bliss) in the past month. That’s it. Ok.. I have spent more on “pre-wool” and we are expecting the delivery of Kenny on Sunday.

Kenny the Arriving Alpaca.

Anyway – that’s all for today.

Hugs to you all and I promise PHOTOS and A NEW PATTERN SOON!


~ by SB&C on October 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “It is not supposed to SNOW in October”

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  2. I cant wait to see pics of all the woolies and your crochet stuff! Hugs!

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