Yarn Stashing

It occured to me that I now have 4 stashes of the non ambulant kind. I have to make this distinction as I really AM looking forward to having my very own alpaca fleece to spin.

The best part is that shopping my stash – I can shop three of them, the fourth is trapped away with Toll Transitions, is that it’s better than a yarn store … and it’s all mine 🙂

In keeping with my pledge not to buy too much more yarn, I am planning all my projects for Queanbeyan, Sydney and Canberra (plus any other regional shows) solely on the basis of what I already have and patterns that I already own.

Queanbeyan Show 2008 – wasn’t a bad show. Mother_figure and Father_figure were deputised to deliver the Finished objects which were the subject of a nerve wracking “WILL THEY MAKE IT?” flight from the middle of the Northern Territory.

They Did.

And we didn’t do too badly at the resulting show.

Champion in the Thread and Other Yarn Types sections, Champion Crochet Overall.

So… For this year, Queanbeyan 2009 when considering my entries, I have to factor in:

  • I have 21 days, including a public holiday.
  • I am on a tighter budget.
  • I work in an open plan environment and hence am
  • unable to crochet under my desk.

With all the above in mind, noting also items that are eligible to be entered (date of completion) I am entering:

Teddy Bear Any Medium: This will be a Glamour Bear, of which there are 6 in various stages of assembly.

Glamour Bears look like this:


When they’re finished. There’s a row of bears who probably equal only 3 complete bears and it’s a bit… disturbing when you see them all together.

Anyway The bear in the Wildberry from Yarn Bee Dress will be dancing her little self into the Bear Section. Whether Her partner is finished in time is another matter. She needs minor details attached but nothing that will take days.

Then is the Cotton Section.

For this the intention is to enter:

Crochet Table Centre : 10/20 Cotton – this is the PK Oval Doily which is DONE.

Any Crochet Item : A Thread Angel – who is finished but needs Stiffening. Which is relatively painless. Just soak in the Glue solution and spray. And pray…

Then Comes the Crochet in Wool Section.

Last year I entered the Baby Set class and won. That set won at Darwin, Queanbeyan and Canberra Shows. M_F and Bob refused to let me give it away… So I would like to enter again.

 I don’t have a baby set ready… Do I have time to make another… hmmm.. Yarn stash shopping time. I think I have the time and the yarn to knock up a dress, hat and cardy.  I mean – who needs sleep?

Child’s Garment – Any ply. This will be the Pinky Merino and Silk blend top. Blue ribbon winner at Canberra which has been it’s only outing. so that’s DONE!

 Rug. Ok I have a Wool based Rug underway. It’s 140 chains wide.. which means it should be about 120 rows and I’m at about 39. It’s a handspun Microfine Merino that I bought on Sunday. I’m doing it as a “Sampler” style Afghan with bands of different style stitches.  It is working up quickly. I’m pretty sure I can finish it….

which is different to Crochet Any other Yarn

Where they want you to use “Other” Fibres.

Baby’s Set. Ok – Can I make up 2 Babys’ sets – one in Wool and one in “Not ” Wool and finish the Rug in 3 weeks?

Other Baby’s Article. By this I read “Baby Afghan.” I have two UFOs which Non-Wool and  Baby Afghans. Actually – I tell a Lie – I have 3.  Ok. Lets pick one and finish it. Bet I can do that. This will be priority 3, behind the Wool Baby set and the Wool Rug. The Non Wool Baby Set gets bumped. Now Priority 4.

Let’s See. I don’t need Sleep and I can … CROCHET… everywhere I go.. WATCH ME!

Crochet Scarf. Sure I have a finished non Wool Scarf somewhere.

Rug – We luck in here. The Lord of the Rings, What’s a Hobbits? Hiding in the Long grass Avatar Afghan version 2 (I think) in GReens and GReys, Mohair and Alpaca blend is DONE and sitting at Mother_Figures over the back of the chair in my room. Done and Done.

Dressed Doll – Ooooh And Again! We are home and hosed, the Barbie in her Russian Carriage Outfit has not made an appearance at Queanbeyan (which reminds me.. better start one for Canberra!)

Article or Garment not mentioned. I am in luck – I have two mohair Shawls – one is the Alyssa Pattern and one is another of my own patterns..

So done!

Hmmm ….What about my Wire Angel.. Hmmm… “Piece of Christmas Craft” POIFECT!

And Hang about: Hand made Jewellery – the Flat two tone Gold Bracelet and choker set from Canberra Royal. Yep – we won last year. Let’s try again.

So the Crochet tally stands at :

Finish the Bear(s)

Make up two complete Baby’s sets.

Finish the Rug.

Finish the Baby Blanket Wip.

 Yeah! Easy!

(no sleep.. no food 🙂 )

On the rest of my life front.

The Alpacas are still debating whether I am the Most  Horrible Person in the World.

Their response, if polled would rely upon their last meal and the time frame separating them from it.

Otherwise it is still cold, and I drove to work in ugg boots before changing to the neat little Black heels that have replaced the Safety Boots.

Hugs to you all!


~ by SB&C on October 23, 2008.

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