There’s a Cloud around every Silver Lining

I typed that “Clown” originally.. Yeah.. I’m good!

Silver linings in clowns. Hmmm.. I wish.

This morning was supposed to be simple, but true to form, had utterly no chance of being so.

Firstly I had to move the Green Float from the mechanics to the Other Mechanics so I could get a roadworthy certificate and thus get it registered, nice and legally, in the Australian CApital Territory. The plan being to leave it with the ONLY mechanic in Captivity in the ACT who will do Horse Floats.

Nice Guy.  Pete.

I was on the road at 7am, at first mechanic’s, talking to his polocrosse ponies at 0730, on the road again shortly thereafter and… ran into the hideous traffic at Fyshwick.

As a measure of how long I spent there…

Remember yesterday how I was evaluating the need for sleep v. the crochet classes I wished to enter for Queanbeyan Show in 21 days time?

Well.. Last night I started the 100% wool, Patons Bluebell in 5ply “Icelandic” 6months sized Jacket. It’s an Australian Pattern book and the jacket is very cute. And… so.. after feeding everything with four legs, I settled down (in bed, it was -1 last night!!!!) and crocheted through The Deerhunter.

Never saw it before.  But it was referenced in Jarhead and I had always wanted to see it. Interesting. Young De Niro. *swoon*.

A small explanation is possibly due about Plan Woolly Version B.  The owner and her husband have succumbed to a disease; quite prevalent around Gundaroo:    Divorce.   

 The Real Estate Agents love it. Happpy couple buy rural block, build a lovely house and then get divorced and sell.  Real Estate  Agent catches them at both ends. 

   Anyway – I live in the house, with dogs, alpacas, Ambulant Lunches and horses (actually, they live outside)  for a modest rent. The house is fully furnished, complete with the Owner’s DVD collection. He is ex-Army so there is a significant proportion of war movies. Oh… And The West Wing.  🙂

 (that’s a long way of saying how much crochet I did last night)

Anyway – Last night I managed to get through the yoke and front right panel of the Little Jacket.

Which represents 19 rows of pattern stitching, using four colours, (a deep burgundy, a pistachio green, an and a caramel in the Bluebell and an 8ply DK Cream to add some texture.) and then the right panel is anouther 20 rows with increases from 26 to 31DCs. I altered the pattern a tiny but and instead of having a squared off edge, mine will have a gentle curve .   Just like it better that way.

In the car on the way in, I did 9 rows of the Left panel (also, point to note – instead of doing the extra 3DC increase the way they suggested, I did it the “Filet” way – you take an extra loop in a DC, and then the next DC is made into that loop. You can actually chain on that way. Very neat!). So yes.. being stuck in traffic and late for work is a bummer but being almost halfway through one item is a plus.

To go with this jacket, I’m planning on little shoettes – in the same burgundy plus accents and a little hat. I am also very tempted to go for a pair of shorts or overalls. Something a little less pastel-ish than the normal Baby set.

And if I try hard I should finish the jacket tonight – pictures to follow!

On the Fleece Front, Alfred the Apprehended Alpaca has regained his position at the top of the Fleecepile.  Alvin the Assaulted Alpaca is healing (we don’t mention the Maggots. Or the Blue Foam) and the Smiley Face is refreshed on a daily basis.  The new Alpaca, Kenny the Catchable Camelid is arriving on Sunday which should be amusing!

So that’s me for the day – I will try to coordinate some pictures soon!

*hugs to you all*


~ by SB&C on October 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “There’s a Cloud around every Silver Lining”

  1. crochet and driving not a good combination! be careful!!! pictures are a must. glad things are going well.

  2. I crochet or knit in traffic all the time! I usually have something with me to work on when I am stopped at red lights! And yes pictures please!!

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