Boots and Bandaids

This post is brought to you by St John’s Ambulance brand Band aids.

By now, if you know me, you know that this post is going to involve an OWWWIEEEEE of some kind. Yep. It does.

This weekend’s activities were such that I needed to have my horsefloat back up and running.

To acheive this, Green Horse Float had to go to a mechanic for checking and then I had to visit a Government shopfront to acquire new rego plate.

All was going swimmingly well – including the mechanic who was concerned that someone may steal my float (my 22 year old float) and I wouldn’t be able to prove it was mine, who then stamped my initials in three secret places and will “testify in court if I ever need.”  Uh.. Thanks 🙂

Anyway – new sticker – Check. New Rego Plate with rather cute four digit number -check.

Now – with my Safety Adviser hat on, I’m *NOT* a fan of “soft” control measures such as labels. But a “Caution Sharp edges” would have been nice.

In removing the Numberplate from it’s protective (HAH!!) plastic bag I managed to give myself two lacerations – Left Index finger and Right thumb, which not only bled copiuously and are deep, but are mighty painful to boot.

And – roughly right where I hold a hook with my right hand and where the yarn runs over my left index finger.

When I did get home (with bloodstains on trousers, shirt, numberplate…) I pulled out a heavy duty St Johns First aid kit and made use of Dettol, Betadine, Surgical Glue (not in the kit – mine) and some Steristrips.

But sheeshk, that hurt!

Onto Boots.

After a long period of wearing Safety boots and very little other footwear, I found myself thinking about the boots I wear now.

I.e. right now at work, I’m wearing my neat black ankle boots with a small heel. 

As opposed to driving to work this am in Ugh boots. Mmmmmmm, Sheepskin.

And there’s also the hiking boots with the reglued soles that are the footwear of choice when chasing Alpacs o’er Hill and Dale.

The Safety boots however are not forgotten and are especially useful when tromping on thistles. A good proportion of the 200acres that is Plan Woolly version B is cleared but has spiky weeds – noteably thistles and a wild rose bush thing. Thistles are easy enough to stomp on and then with GLOVED hands throw into the back of the box trailer and then take to the gully where we will be having a lovely bonfire shortly.

The wild rose bushes, you tie a rope around them, tie other end to towball and move off in Landcruiser. Very satisfying.

Yesterday however, Toni’s pony Jazzy and I made our debut appearance at Hall Show. I was wearing Black boots.  And I’m the one wearing the Hat.

This is Jazzy. 50% Arab, 50% Trakhener. According to the judge:  “Moves beautifully but in need of more muscle” ans was entirely fair,  as Jazzy has been turned out whilst Toni had a baby.

Jazz and I won a First in Best Trot – which, if you know the Arab world, is actually quite something and then followed it up with minor placings in the Led Mare class.  Oh and for M_F – it was the quality of Jazzy’s trot, not mine.

Arcadia and her brood of two and Husband were there with their own bay Anglo Arab gelding, who didn’t disgrace himself either.

 (J – if you’re reading this : you have about three minutes to tell me not to post a photo!)


Ok – on the crochet front.

The cunning plan to finish the jumper took a bit of a down turn due to the cut fingers however by last night I was able to hold a wooden hook again and have half a sleeve to go on the jersey. Pictures forthcoming shortly.

I’m feeling virtuous as I have now used up 6 balls of yarn from the Stash, and not bought any more.

And that’s it for me for the day!



~ by SB&C on October 27, 2008.

One Response to “Boots and Bandaids”

  1. back in horsey show mode? hows it feel? sorry about the fingers but yes accidents do happen – pls remember this while driving and crocheting!!!
    alls well here – very overwhelmed.

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