There’s a potato in my shower…

It never ceases to amaze me how frequently unordinary my life is.             Like :  Yesterday afternoon, having driven home and utterly failed to make the necessary left and right turns I need to get to the supermarket, and cursing a bit at this, I walked into the house at Plan Woolly B and found a horrible sight.

 Possibly even a horrible site.

There was shredded plastic bags. There was a shredded paper napkin.

(this is the house at Plan Woolly B with my housemate, also owner of the place, Lisa and her black cattle dog Kenya. My room is the window on the right. The pile of fur on the left is Jorja, my German Shepherd.) 

And there was a potato on the couch.


And an empty Schmacko packet.

I will point out there was an absence of Brown Chenille throw cushion on the couch as well.

That was in the hallway.

 There were two more potatoes in the hallway.

There was a potato on my bed.

There was a potato *under* my bed.

There was also.. another shredded plastic bag.

And some shredded yarn labels.

And oh…. my dear sweet God – there were some unhappy looking balls of Laceweight Merino.

And then I realised that one of the shredded plastic bags was the bag for the Laceweight Merino Christening gown.

This was the point that I realised that a certain German Shepherd who will remain nameless, was not Blameless.

<————————- But as a hint….

And had amused themselves *inside* by chasing potatoes.

I felt a bit sick… and then I found the gown.

And… it was… remarkably, blessedly undamaged.

Had it been otherwise, I would have inhumed said German Shepherd.

And anyone who says that dogs shouldn’t be punished unless you catch them in the act because otherwise they don’t remember what they did.. hasn’t met this one.

As soon as I picked up a potato and looked at her – she knew she was in deep trouble.

There was a less than funny moment also when I went to have a shower and tripped on another potato.

And one of those “Why???” moments when I found that she’d also chewed the ribbon off my pyjama pants.

 Jorja has discovered that she can fit her long black nose under the garage roller door and lift it up enough to ooooodle out from underneath and then has the run of 200acres as opposed to the run of the run. then she can find a way into the house…..

This will be fixed shortly.


 Life continues with non- quietness today when having tended to the equine residents of Plan Woolly, i went to check on the Fleecy side of the Family.

this is Alvin the Assaulted Alpaca. Photo was taken the morning after the Assault took place – and incidentally, the day *after* he was shorn for the first time – ever.

Alvin and Alfred are both cases of neglect and look decidedly scruffy against Kenjarra the Catchable.

Alvin is shown here inside the dog run as i needed somewhere to stash him overnight that was safe and dry.

So the two dogs that were here at the time were shunted into the laundry, Alpaca into the Shed bay which opens onto a run.

Now the Alpacas live on the western slope above the house, with the three sheep.   I walked to the top of the hill, carrying two biscuits of lucerne hay, expecting a Maaaaaarm welcome.

And I noticed that there was a chocolate brown merino bum, not where it should be.

And at this time – so did Jorja.

And one chocolate brown merino wether and one German Shepherd went pelting down the hill.

and I lost sight of them.

I threw the hay at the law-abiding Fleeced four-footeders and then ran down the hill, through a thicket of gum trees and spotted…

Now you also have to imagine that it’s 8pm, dusk and there are clouds rolling in from this side —>

In the middle of the dam there is a small island -> about the size of a station wagon. The ducks love it.

When i saw it tonight, it was inhabited by a very wet German Shepherd and an equally wet but mostly bewildered Chocolate Brown Merino. He doesn’t have a name, but he does have a blue eartag, saying he’s 00026. Since he is one of the Ambulant Lunches, we’ll use the number. And we should also note that the island and the base of the dam are of very soft, sucky mud.

Ask me how I know this..

Most visitors ask the question “How deep is the dam?”

i can now report that the side from the right hand side (the southern side) is about ankle deep for a metre and then drops off very suddenly to about 1.7m. I will also point out that I am 1.65m tall.

After calling to the Shepherd who was stuck on the island with an Almightily pissed-off sheep and finally getting her to swim across to me – about 6 metres.. I realised that there was no choice, I was about to enter a very ooky body of water to regain 00026.

And made the plunge.

I thought of you all: Kris, Elaine, Barbs, Thornberry, Toni, Mother_Figure, Sherry, Kelebek.. and everyone else who laughs at me.

If you could have seen me then.

Pink Tshirt, grey track pants, treading water trying to convince a sheep to float.

With a German Shepherd behaving like a Predatory Twit as well.

When the three of us made it to the other shore, I mounted 00026, discovering that Merino in it’s natural (and sodden) form is remarkably comfy to sit on.

In between moderate hysteria (me and 00026) and wooofs (Jorja) I contemplated how to get back to the pen, up the hill about 300metres away. The Dog was no help.

To cut the story short – I rode the sheep (if you’re horsy, you will understand what I mean when I say that the sheep was responsive to leg aids) between my knees back up the hill.

Alfred the Apprehended was utterly horrified when I tottered in, still clenching 00026 between my knees.

But all was good.

Except I smelt like Terrified Merino, with a hint of eau d’ Duck.

Now I am tucked up in bed… Working on the little Jacket – shown here without the sleeves.  I have finished the right sleeve and the edging, I’m in need of buttons and there’s some serious end-weaving ahead of me.

I’m not sure i like the fit of the collar section – it seems a bit – cone like… will wait til it’s finished.

The matching hat and booties are next!


And so that’s it for me for today, I’m finding my way through the posting thing..

Actually – since I haven’t mentioned Safety Incidents for a while, and one occurred in Canberra yesterday – I’ll digress.

At TB M, amongst the Coal, and TB G, amongst the Alumina, I dealt with formwork and the pouring of concrete.

In Canberra yesterday a serious Safety Incident occurred when the floor of a building being poured, ( I will add by a reputable contractor who I have seen working at both of the previously mentioned sites)


As you can see here, the floor to the right hand side is sagging. This was fortunate as they were able to evacuate all the workers safely.

Something to note is that a cubic metre of concrete weighs about 2.4tonnes. i heard a report that indicated 80cubic meters of concrete had been poured here.






And then 20minutes later…. it had collapsed.




no injuries… just a big mess and a big investigation to find out why the formwork failed….











And that really is it for me, for tonight!! Hugs to you all!!!


~ by SB&C on October 28, 2008.

7 Responses to “There’s a potato in my shower…”

  1. roflmao – no not really funny but oh so funny at the same time. i guess you get what you ask for! although the life of manda is never ever dull or boring for that matter. sounds like you are having fun!
    oh and is that supposed to be a tip about my pup?

  2. Oh, I would have had to tie my Border Collies’ ears together for just giving me the scare of messing up something as delicate as the Christening Gown! I can only imagine the condition of the potatoes!! And THEN to add insult to injury – you had to swim in DUCK water … YACK!!!!

    Plan Wooly & Amanda are definitely not BORING!!!

    I know you don’t have to wear safety orange and work boots any more to work – but are you still in the safety field?? I’m FINALLY getting to do my Safety Internship – LOVE IT!!! Can’t wait to go to work for real in January!!!

  3. Hey Kris!, All I can warn you about Shepherds is that they will find a way to get themselves in trouble!! Not like Trievers who are sweet and loving.. especially where there is food around 🙂

    And to Jess! I am still working in a Safety field – just a lot less direct than I used to. more on my new job shortly!

    And for Kris’s Girls – very soon: a section on my horses!!!

  4. Man, if your life became boring, you’d find a way to make it un-boring. This did give me a good laugh. Trievers also have a way with tearing thingss apart remember (cf the Great Care Bear Massacre of 1988) but would have been good at the swimming bit. Might even have tried to carry wooly across the pond in its mouth – now that would have been a sight!
    Another chapter for the book!

  5. ha – any puppy will find trouble no matter how sweet and lovable. my triever got into his fair share of trouble when a pup – now just too old to even try. this little one surely does keep me on my feet.

    m_f hi – its been a long time. hope all is well with you and f_f. must be nice to have manda much closer to home. hope she’s not driving you crazy.

    can’t wait for more horsey pictures. maybe you should invest in a video camera too for your adventures with all this furry. hehehe

  6. Treivers definitely would have swam across and saved your wooly – Seems that shepards and collies just don’t care for the water too much!! Harley (Davidson) our male BC loves to give chase to whatever stock we turn him loose on – then he lets his mate – Angel (BC) turn them into the pens, you know the hard work. We had a pair of treivers when “our” oldest was a baby … the male was just mischievous enough to be fun, but not enough that I wanted to tie his ears together – he was surely good for the babies!

  7. Somehow I suspect that a triever would only have saved the Woolly had he known when that particular Woolly was going to join us for Sunday lunch.

    Remembering a former Triever and some Ducks.

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