Previously, on Manda’s Life is so much more amusing for everyone else…

Well – that period of time went by too quick.

Firstly – I have once again been bitten by a stalking, lurking, Bug.

And thus iller than I like to feel.

This had a negative effect on the entries for Queanbeyan show and I ended up not entering .. anything.

So that gives you an idea how ill I was feeling.

Yep – ill.

Here – this is how the Gown looks….


See – it *has* grown… But slowly….

The Alpacas are doing their thing – this is what an Alpaca looks like with four years of fleece on him



He has now had a haircut!

I had a conference that I’ve been organising for the last few months finally come to fruition. And organising 17 police officers is quite honestly, harder than herding cats.

And I was ill.

Plus because the printing fees for 22 binders worked out at $1700, I printed it out using the colour printers on my work floor.

At this point, anyone who knows me just has to know.. the wheels are about to come off.

I turned 4 into smoking wrecks.

I was doing a Demented Pixie Dance between the printers at 7pm, with Arcadia (now carpool buddy) waiting patiently for me. She asked the question : Would it have been cheaper to get the conference papers printed rather than have me destruct test the Authority’s printers?

And then the conference was over… and I went to Queanbeyan Horse Show – with Tony’s pony Jazzy and my little Aston.


 That’s me – wearing the Hat. David (Horse Approver In Chief – and if anyone needs a 30year old horse mad boyfriend prospect, please email me… We have to find David a girlfriend soon!!!) is leading Aston.


We didn’t do too badly….


And finally



Somebody… see if you can guess who… got in touch out of the blue.

God DAMN, it got cold  down here  all of a sudden….

And.. anyhooo…. It’s been an interesting two weeks on that front and… um… 


 Just:  everyone say a little prayer for me … please…..


~ by SB&C on November 17, 2008.

3 Responses to “Previously, on Manda’s Life is so much more amusing for everyone else…”

  1. say it isn’t so! do i smell a hint of vanilla? hmmm – if so i don’t like the sound of that one at all!

    sorry you havn’t been feeling well – seems like you have been sick for months now. i hope you feel better and soon. both girls have been suffering for a couple weeks now too.

    kassie is getting ready for school otherwise i would show her the horsey pictures…but if i did not there would be no getting ready for school.


  2. […] Previously, on Manda’s Life is so much more amusing for everyone else… […]

  3. Its cold here too! Calling for some snow tomorrow. The gown looks gorgeous! I’m sorry you havent been feeling well! I hope you recover quickly and soon!! Its great to see you at the horse show and congrats!

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