Homelessness – It’s in for 2009

I’ve tried several times over the last month or so to start a post.. but nothing seemed to capture what was happening, and quite often, it had changed by the time I’d written down the start.

2009 started for me, very cold, with a wind blowing and an old grey mare with a weeping hole in her right shoulder. It wasn’t very big, about the diameter and depth of my little finger (ask me how I know that one!). Her entire leg was swollen to two or three times the size, and the normally vociferous and first-to-the-gate Tango, was shuffling and unable to weight bear on her right fore.

Ever try to get a vet on New Years’ Eve?

Or New Years’ Day?  Phone consultation with (and this was funny) the ex of a very long ago ex of mine who is a Vet ( She was ex then but somehow still seemed angry at me) and we agreed that a round of hosing to clean, hydrogen peroxide to flush, jab of penicillin, lather, rinse and repeat would help.  Wearing my safety boots, trying to help a three-legged horse hobble up to be hosed, convince her that the pain I was about to cause as I flushed and drained another bucket of yellow ooze from her shoulder was all ok… there’s not enough licorice in the world.

My concern became that Tango had also broken her shoulder or a bone in her leg due to the amount of discomfort she was displaying.  The vet visit two days later determined no break… but worse news (cancer) and the opinion that  Tango will be unlikely to survive the next winter.  A date has been made… we’ll just not think about all that.

So:  gunk, storms and unseasonal cold weather. It gets better – but let’s go back first.

Christmas was at least a little merrier, lunch with the family at a nearby upmarket hotel, the better part was the day before : Mother_Figure’s surprise (won’t say the number) Birthday. My sister Bob and I went to great lengths to  allow friends and family to arrive at home whilst M_f was collecting rocks for her garden at Gundaroo.

One of my cousins and I were taking bets on whose mother was likely to burst into tears first. We both lost – it was a simultaenous weep!

Toad Factor. My life,  a fairytale beyond even Grimm imagining, still has it’s resident problem Prince.  Who still has a tendency to revert to  toadish behaviour.  After the Sunday when my Treo was brutally murdered by his dog… and my smallest equine was bounced upon by his daughter and his mother and I were chatting… I was feeling quite hopeful.

We had the Magic Disappearing Trick again before Christmas  and now I am just plain confused.  I was told by a Policeman Yenta ( I have traded the Matchmaking Miners  for the Agony Uncle!) to give it three months and then have “the talk”.

I’ll let you know how that goes!

Houseness. The large house I was living on, was supposedly sold. Then – it became unsold. And I was unsure if I was still required to move out.. or not, noting that my shared rent payment was making life for the owner of the house a little more financially comfortable.  and she wasn’t returning calls – I stayed put until I could hear from her.

I was wrong – and treated to a tirade which rather blew my stress levels. And.. the house I was to move into is missing some elements.

Like : Doors.




This is the point where my brain fried.

(oh and BTW : *his* mother offered her spare room…. how’s that?)

Amid everything.. I spoke with a friend who has enormously kindly taken in both myself and the pile of depressed fur that is Jorja.  We will be moving on shortly to live with another of the Coordinators from Lab rescue (after having rehomed 4 labs last year, I’m feeling virtuous!)

The Horses and Alpacas are safely in a paddock at what was to be the “next” house. The Alpacas made Moving Day tres facile when they came walking up to see what was going on?

So that brings me now to Crochet.

Canberra Royal show is now a month away. I have entered…

Wait for it.

28 items.

Actually more… because some things are sets.

Plus three photos.

This is one:


So I have a schedule to complete the final 8 items – only four of which I have not yet started.

I will post photos as soon as the show is on.

The gown is still underway,  the yarn stash is still huge, though I am feeling quite virtuous as I used up a number of oddments between the hosing/treatment sessions – Standby for a new pattern 🙂

Love to you all – and : I am back!


~ by SB&C on January 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “Homelessness – It’s in for 2009”

  1. and she speaks!
    welcome back!!!!!!!

  2. Oh honey! You have so much going on now! I figured something was up since you have been pretty quiet. I am glad you are back though!

    I am so sorry about Tango. Even though it sounds grim, I’m hoping for the best and sending positive thoughts your way!

    I can’t wait to see what you have entered in the show!!

    I’m glad you are back!! (((((((HUGS!))))))

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