Glass half full? Glass half empty?

More importantly… what’s in the Glass?

Sometimes you may be grateful that you only have half a glassful of whatever.

And that’s my philosphical thought for the day.

I went out to check on the ponies yesterday, I would have been touched by the Black Beauty style chase/canter up to the car they did.. if it wasn’t for the fact that they knew I had the licorice. Everone looks reasonable, Tango thinner than she should be and Jazzy had lost her rug and given herself some scratches in the process.   Nothing too serious thankfully.

Then  I headed west (those long commutes – it’s so me) to the house I’m staying in – it’s late 19th Century, and the 39deg day yesterday had made it warm! by the time I got home.

Seeking respite in an air-conditioned darkness was fantastic until the dogs discovered that I was horizontal at tongue height. Nothing motivates you back to standing like two Wolfhound and one German Shepherd tongues waggling in your ears.

This woke me up enough to crochet another 10 rows of a baby blanket for Canberra Show (lilac baby yarn) which only needs another 20 (tonight.. maybe) to be finished.

That was my quiet evening, with a couple of phone calls to add spice:  Our beloved M’sieur Toad, and then.. my housemate who had encountered a kangaroo on her way home in the dark.  Neither the Kangaroo nor her Car survived the experience . 0.O .

It was a quiet trip in to work this morning for both of us in a very dusty Green Car….

On the Crochet Front…

I have been looking at the Teddy Bears I’ve made for Canberra Show – I think I may try to do something constructive with the pattern – like .. say.. write it down.  It’s pretty simple, and you can make a Bear in less than a ball of yarn!

 Oh yes.. and you can make an elephant as well.

This happened during my second Bear Making Jag. You may remember the Glamour Bear Jag in Jun last year? 8 Glamour bears that were the demented product of watching the full length, re-mastered versions of Gigi and My Fair Lady (with commentary) too many times in a row.  Father_figure indicated he didn’t mind the bears stting in a row.. it was just the fact that some were missing limbs that creeped him out a bit.

Anyway,  Bear Jag II, started off innocently with a ball of creamy mohair and a simple pattern. Then became a raid on a bag of yarn oddments. I gathered up brown mohair of differing guages and furriness, black yarn, a donkey- coloured alpaca mohair blend appropriately named “Burro” and other balls of yarn that might, just might, make bears.

In between trips outside to clean wounds, avoiding a storm and watching BBC One’s Spooks (Series 1 – 3 ). I beared.

A small hitch was reached when A Bear, who was made in the “Burro” didn’t look like, well… a Bear. His body had a decidedly potatoid appearance (not helped by the brown grey shade)  and I had done something wrong when I placed his ears.  They were large.. and a bit low.  Plus I had used a Large size eye in making him. Which threw the proportions even further out.

And… well.. there was a point that the Bear became an Elephant.

                  This post will make more sense when I add photos.

 He is only a little Elephant who fits in the palm of your hand, but he’s still an Elephant.

I then went back to bears, and after overdosing further on Kungfu Panda, added a Panda Bear, a rather classic Brown-with-white-features bear and then the last of the Foursome: and what else does an Aussie Crocheter make when bearificating?

A koala. Yes – Not *technically* or *biologically* a bear… but cute nonetheless and invited to The Teddy Bears’ Picnic.

That will have to do for now – I am back.. trying to work out what’s next… and generally just pottering along.

Hugs to you all!!


~ by SB&C on January 15, 2009.

3 Responses to “Glass half full? Glass half empty?”

  1. You must have read my mind! I was wondering what was going on with you and was going to post a inquiry on Crochetville. Glad you are back and Happy New Year!

  2. two in a row – we are on a roll!!!!
    missed you – glad your back and chin is coming up!

  3. Wet willies from dogs! hahaha I can only imagine how startling that must have been!

    I dont think about kangaroos getting hit by cars! I guess they are more like the deer are here!

    Pictures!! I want to see the bears! Hugs!

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