It doth reign.

When last I blogged here (WNTC – it’s my break from the world!), I was bemused by a few dogs, living in a house with a friend, and well.. generally crocheting myself firmly towards carpal tunnel syndrome.

Things that have changed. Well..

Victoria’s on fire.

Nearly 200 people dead from bushfires about 500 km south. There are smaller fires around us, but so insignificant in comparision.

It’s unbelievable.

I am now living about 40 kms northeast of Canberra, with a husband and wife couple, in their not quite completed house, and with : two miniature horses, one donkey, Jorja and gusts of up to 8 Labradors.

Things that I have found out about living with labradors en masse:

a. What is this colour “White” people speak of?
b. It’s perfectly reasonable to hang your delicate washing out on the fold out rack, locking said fold out rack in an empty dog run.
c. New Water Saving techniques – shower with a friend. Or.. failing that.. two 4month old lab puppies.. The fun will never end!
d. I have worked out how the Kleenex people film those ads. Puppy within 20km range of any toilet roll?  Easy call.
e. When seeking an answer to the question “Where is my right shoe/pink sock/pillow ?” be prepared to be licked.  And Annoyed.
f. A 38kg dog can apply 100kg of pressure. Through the one paw they manage to step on your foot with. Bonus points if they manage to step on your foot with two paws as they walk past you.
g. Never walk out of the bathroom in just a towel. Noses. Cold WET noses.  Nuff said.
h. 10 labradors cannot fit through one XXL Doggy Door at once. They can however, rip the doggy door panel out of the wall and then all fit through the ensuing gap.
i. Who needs alarm clocks? Not me. Forget the fact I can’t find mine anymore… but well.. as soon as the first bird chirps – it’s GAME ON!
j.  Forget crocheting anything that is not enhanced by dog hair.
K’s mother gave her one of those remote control “fire-and-forget” vaccuum cleaners. It was set running in the house (note: it’s pretty much still in build, and the best thing you can say about the outside is that it’s a work in progress) and was found about 20 minutes later sitting in the corner, sobbing to itself.
 It is hard to be angry with a 4 month old puppy – however I have two going cheap to a good home at present (true.. they’re Rescue Labs…)
Toad News. Oh – and this WILL make you laugh.
The Toad hopped back into my life.  And… I found myself forgiving him… and… then… I went to visit him. And… well…  to cut a long story short, Mother_figure was rather surprised to see me emerge from the designated “my room” at home the next morning. 
I walked out on him just after midnight. Now the funny part (actually downright hysterical – because I told people about this before things went wrong) was that I did what I was told to do by one of the People Who Tell Me how To Laugh At Things.  When stressed – I should take a deep, cleansing breath and push the negative energy away from me.
Oh yeah… I did. Standing at the door to his house (it was cold outside and I was bracing myself) and I pushed away the being angry at him and felt at least calm enough to drive.
What happened next? 
Mother_figure, various friends, and most of the persons responsible for maintenance in the Royal Australian Navy will testify to the fact that when I get angry – things break.
 Well… Our Toad, you have to understand, is at the top of the food chain of a local …hmmm… communications company  (No names.. no courts martial). 
And.. you see…. that next morning they had some issues. And some more… Routers… mail servers…  crashed.  And it took about 3 weeks for things to get back to good.
Yah.  Not saying that I did put a curse on him.. or his network.. but…
Anyway… I’m in the run down to Canberra Royal Show. Everything (38 pieces….)  is in the final stages – needing blocking or weaving or final embellishing to finish with 2 weeks to go (!) (!!) (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
What have I learnt in that time?
I am in LOOOOVE with Spotlights’ Bella Baby “Layette” yarn – a bamboo wool blend. It’s slinky. It has a shine. It’s luffley.  I can make teddies almost with my eyes closed.   The baby blanket has been made in this – shades of cream and green. Is Luffsome.
We did a Lab rescue run to Berrima – one of those Historical Towns – complete with Olde Worlde Pubs, and crafty knickyknacky shops. They sell Alpaca yarn.  :):):):)  Will post the photos.
That I can kill the internet connections of a fair proportion of Canberra, walking out of someone’s bedroom in the middle of the night 🙂
that’s me done for today – will be better at blogging – promise!
Hugs to you all.

~ by SB&C on February 10, 2009.

3 Responses to “Chaos”

  1. oh what a life you lead!!!!

  2. Wow! Sounds, um, eventful! That’s a lot of dogs. I can imagine it sounds all cute and cuddly at first, but I can see how it is not actually that great and really challenging! But it is for a good cause!

    LMAO at you breaking (or not breaking as the case may be) the internet connection! Revenge can be at least a little satisfying sometimes!

    Post some pictures woman! That baby blanket sounds wonderful!!


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