Today is a gift, that’s why it’s called The Present.

The reason I’m being sentimental about today is very simple – it’s because every other day for the past odd MONTH has gone by so quickly that this is the first time I’ve had a moment to write.  And this’ll be long while I get you up to speed.

And if you’re going to draw attention to the fact that I manage to write WNTC – it’s because I get to VENT there a little.  And honestly – if someone could explain to me why people feel it’s necessary to use HIDEOUS colours, HIDEOUS yarns… I’ll stop.  Or – pay me enough to pay for Plan Woolly. Then I’ll stop!

Anyway – the story for the past month (or so) : 

The Housemates.

guard-the-lambS and K and the Herd of Sloberadors continue to fill my life with chaos. They both have threatened to put my rent up so I can’t save money to enact Plan Woolly (Version 4?) following the Great Roast Lamb Caper on Monday night.  jorja



Jorja has acquired a new element to her name and her microchip details now refer to “female longhaired German Shepherd: Jorja P. Pudding”.


We have had our share of sad moments – a very small Lab puppy died after an illness that went through the rescue case pups  we had in. The Puppy was very solemnly interred in our new vegetable patch, with a paving stone as a grave marker.  Also – as a preventative measure to deter any possible Labrador Archaeology (whether of or by). You have to think ahead in these cases. 

 Equally sad and under the heading of BUGGER, was the very early morning (1.30 am)phone call from a Chinese student who had spotted “a white dog by the road. It had blood. I checked the collar.”

This set in motion a lot of nocturnal movement.  Housemate S and I leapt into a car driving full pelt (with S’s police badge on the dashboard – never let be said we didn’t look for risk mitigation options) towards Canberra to try and find said White Dog. The Chinese student, very kindly stayed with White Dog,  while we were racking our brains as to who it could be. We knew of three Rehomed Yellow Labradors in this particular area, one of whom I had been responsible for placing in a home with two mildly autistic boys who had responded enthusiastically to their “Bet” when she was delivered.

Please not let it be her. 

Ok – call Chinese Student back, pose the question : is it a boy or a girl?

Interesting response:  I do not know how to tell.

And there is no way, in heaven or on Earth, that you can really explain the difference to someone who doesn’t speak English as a first language, without sounding like some kind of doggy pervert.

We arrived at the site, a very busy main road, Chinese Student standing next to a curled up Yellow Labrador who I recognised and wagged his tail quite reassuringly when I called his name.  He had a nasty cut over one eye and abraded paws and maybe his right hind leg wasn’t right but he was relatively ok. 

Into the car, phone calls home to K who alerted the local vets and a huge thank you to the Good Samaritan.

On the way back, my hand was licked quite thoroughly, again a very good sign.  The lights of the little township were visible, and then we were turning into the vet’s carpark… and that’s when the dog started seizing…

Say it with me now : Bugger.

K was begging me not to let him die as I started mouth to muzzle resus on my knees in the carpark with the vet trying compressions. But he was gone.

The vet, who was entirely lovely about being woken up in the middle of the night, showed us that one pupil was full of blood – it was likely that he had been hit on the head and suffered a massive hemorhage.


It’s all you can say.

What else….


Canberra Royal Show has been and gone,  I can almost use both hands again.


This is a shot of inside the “heavy” items. Apparently, I pinned the neck of the green jersey out wrong…  which I’ll plead ignorance of the pattern on but I did want the stitchwork in it to be seen clearly as it was one of those articles that proves crochet is not just about Granny Squares. Next year, I’m going to organise mannequins for the wearables.




True to form, I managed to leave a few pieces to the last momvelveteen-rabbitent and was still finishing some at 3am before needing to be in at the Showgrounds at 8am.   Such as the Bunny Rabbit which was disturbingly 4 disjointed limbs, a tail and a long-eared head until midnight.  You have to admit – he’s cute though….  He has gone to a new home with my helper for the day,  Talia.




necklaceOh yeah – Tip for young players : when asked what your inspiration for the Wire and Pearls Choker was, do NOT say : half a bottle of Vodka plus Desperation.


at-canberra-showThat’s me with the Novice Section winner – Georgina. Photo Courtesy of The Canberra Chronicle.  Don’t you just lurve my pashmina???? Prize money 🙂

My results for Canberra Show were…. and I know these because Father_figure counted,  14 firsts, 8 seconds, 3 thirds.

On top of that my pieces went on to   win the Special Challenge section with the Astronomy Interpretative piece – an 8-16 Pt Round Ripple (that’s actually there behind me) and then Non-Pro Champion – with the Anzac Day Filet Piece and  Non – Pro Reserve Champion with the Glamour Bear.

and… I won Grand Champion overall with the Anzac Day filet.  

<photo will go here> <I promise>  See!!!!anzac-day-filet

The Anzac Day filet was my Crochet Games piece – part of Crochetville‘s Greek Games CAL, the first ever CAL I’d been in – and it was a lot of fun to have people working towards the same goal.


This is inside the “Light” cabinet – as you can see, a lot of threadwork. That’s my elephant, the cabled baby blanket, the lilac jersey (closer to the camera) and bonnet and the pinky dress.

There were a total of 78 entries that made it to the judge’s table for the crochet section (a reasonable percentage were mine) but there was really an encouraging mix of old style and new techniques on display.  The part I found a little cringe making where the entries from people who had used poor quality (oh god, I have to use the word…… acrylics!) yarn to make items that really really suffered from the lack of  “goodness” in their constituent parts.

And I am pretty sure I’m going to have to say something about crochet that involves *that* shade of green.  You know the one I mean.  

 Also – one of the big issues in terms of deciding results was the cleanliness of items.  If you are looking for tips on how to do well at shows with your crochet, you cannot underestimate  the importance of keeping your work clean. 

 Also – weaving in of ends,  having enough of the one dyelot (and if you don’t, how cleverly you disguise that) and how suited the yarns are to the item you are making.

Sock yarn – GORGEOUS for baby wear. And Scarves. And Socks.   8ply Cheap Acrylic – not so much.

blue-bagOh, and do you remember the Blue Felted bag – that was my first attempt at fulling/felting in the World of Toothbrush G??






It was finished and won the Mixed Craft Class. The judge was dubious about my choice of handles but thought it was a lovely idea. These are roll-up roses in a creamy superwash wool, with spirals and leaves in a green version with a paler green Alpaca as a contrast.



There are some classes for pure felting that I would like to try shortly… Just because I need another hobby.

 On the Photo front,  I was very lucky and won a Second with one of the photos from the World of Coal and a Highly Commended in the Animal section.



red-catWith Mother_figure being some what vocal about the fact that her cat only got a Highly Commended.  

Up there with her exposition at a show once, when a Pally colt beat Sonn and I…. 

Anyway – that will do me for now – I’ll add some more photos very shortly!!

hugs to you all! Have really missed you!


~ by SB&C on April 1, 2009.

6 Responses to “Today is a gift, that’s why it’s called The Present.”

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  2. and she lives…
    i had just about given up hope!

  3. Yay!!! I was happy to see your blog show up on my blog reader today! Keep it going! We’ve missed you!! Hugs!

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  5. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  6. Nice blog! We met at the Canberra Show. Congratulations on becoming a show steward – it must be a difficult but rewarding job. But as a fellow entrant, I hope you’re not talking about my *green* crocheted items!

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