Normality – it’s a place I’m considering moving to.

One of the things I’m sure most normal households don’t do, is use a Dustbuster on their beds before getting in.


sunrise-over-the-fieldsMy day still starts EARLY, not as early as it did when I wore orange, but I still seem to be up to photograph sunrises.

My yarn stash – well.. yes it gets added to. but the Ambulant portion of it seem pretty happy with life


That’s Alvin (the Assaulted), Alfred (the Absconder) and KJ. We had to have words about standing in front of the car.

I.E   DON’T.

On the crochet front… I have been rationing my actual crochet hours to try and ease back on the pain in both wrists. 6 capsules of Glucosamine twice a day wasn’t helping much so once the last item for Canberra was finished , I took a break.

Then I had a jersey to finish for Sydney Royal and I was supposed to have three doilies for entry. I started four.

Act of Dog prevented completion.

Don’t ask.

But everything is in to Sydney, mother_figure and I drove up to Sydney on Saturday (with an interchangeable array of rescue dogs) to deliver. Very exciting stuff as I had never been to the delivery day at Sydney Royal Easter Show and for a change, I got to see what was entered. My best results from Sydney have been a 2nd, in classes that run into the mid 20’s so I am keen to see how we fare this year.

What I’m actually working on at present is using Lincraft’s Surprise yarn surprise-squaresin the Blue colourway. I’ve made 25 of Dayna’s Lovely in Green Squares (with a few modifications to the pattern) and now have the lovely task of joining them all together.

Yes. Lovely.

So that’s me done for another day. There are puppies who need chicken wings and I have to make fairy bread for morning tea.

Hugs to you all.


~ by SB&C on April 2, 2009.

5 Responses to “Normality – it’s a place I’m considering moving to.”

  1. Oh my gosh – those photos of the alpacas and sunrise are gorgeous! I haven’t been to the Lincraft yarn section in ages – I like the look of that Surprise yarn. Perfect for granny squares.

  2. 2 in a row? can we go for three? hahahaha
    kassie wants to know if you have dogs? how many and what kind? kinda a loaded question. lol

  3. I love how the fuzzies almost blend into the field!! Gorgeous sunrise, as usual!

  4. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  5. Looks like a lovely place. Normality is something that is so hard to reach, and what is it by the way??

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