Scuse me, I am going slightly nuts

I would like to congratulate the web-designers of the Royal Sydney Easter show Website.

 They have a veritable HOST of information about what’s on, what dates things need to be there (whether it’s your Llama or your Iced Cake), what date you can collect them (if not beyond their use-by. Do Llamas have use-bys?) and what date people can come past and make ooh-ah noises at your aforementioned Llama or Cake.

The one teeny-tiny absent factoid that would stop me pulling at my hair is..

The DATE (not necessarily the TIME, but that’d be nice too) that the Society is going to post the results!!

I mean… the link still posts to 2008.


I have been told – by a reliable source (admittedly, at present I am somewhat hesitant to believe anything I am told by someone who makes their living from IT)  that the results will be posted tomorrow.

The show opens on Thursday, which is the day after.

Anyone who says “All things comes to those who wait” – Yes, I’ve NOTICED!

I’m just curious to know what happened in the Crochet judging.

I know that I don’t have a snowballs in the photography… but Just curious.

Anyway… Crocheting – I had an Out of Yarn error on the blue Squares Blanket – which is a bugger because we’re talking maybe another 1/4 ball and it’s done.


And It (crocheting) still causes ouchies, so I have borrowed a book on knitting and that’s what we’re swatching tonight.

Hugs to you all!!!


~ by SB&C on April 7, 2009.

One Response to “Scuse me, I am going slightly nuts”

  1. whats that old saying?
    patience is a virtue?!!!!

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