How Embarrassment!

Yes… in terms of embarrassing yourself, I had two examples of public humiliation yesterday – one is blog related.

Oh .. and mothers of horse mad daughters – you may want to click off now.

First of all – I like wearing Stockings – not pantihose but stockings. voodooYesterday, I was wearing a BRAND NEW pair of Voodoo Stay ups with the lacy tops, (and no – I hadn’t applied any kind of moisturiser etc) and the adhesive section decided to give out.

Whilst in Lincraft!!!

And then: completely fail as I was crossing the road.

I had to back up against a building… and under the pretense of diving into the somewhat capacious bag of yarn (lah, lah, sodding lah) slip off two legs of stocking (one being significantly easier to discard than the other) without scandalising the passers-by.

I had never had these problems in Mining.

Secondly – I changed the tenor of WNTC yesterday, as, for the THIRD time in a week, Mother_figure sent me something from the newspapers (1. Mr Toad, 2. The Yetis, and 3. The Italian Grandmother).    You have to agree that any little old lady who survives for 30 hours under rubble, and crochets.. and has the presence of mind to ask for a comb before being carried out – has style.

In buckets.

 Anyway – I wrote up yesterday’s post (which reminds me, still have some hunting to do for today’s) and set it to Publish and promptly forgot about it.  Until – after an extra hour’s wait at work (good thing I bought the yarn at lunch 🙂 ) I finally was home, in ugh boots and pjs and decided to re-read my post. I was happy with the text.. it all seemed sweet until I rolled over the link…

And a photo came up.

A photo that most definitely is NOT a 98year old woman, who has been merrily crocheting under a pile of village that has undergone a dynamic geological relocation and is now on top of her bedroom.

It was (and this is the point that if you are the mother of a horse-mad daughter, that you may wish to look away)



And upon checking the blog stats.. a significant number of people had clicked on it.

Ruh Roh.

Now – I went looking for a picture to capture the essence of how I felt …

And true to form – I got sidetracked:











Which is just sublime.

Then I found this : (which kinda captures what I was looking for)











And also this – which is rather the way my head feels at the end of the day. Or actually the way the yarn w.h.i.s.p.e.r.s to me as I’m shopping…











Ok… back now.

Anyway – it’s Easter, The Easter Show results are up – we won a 3rd in the Own Design class (very strong class with 20+ entries). One day I am going to crack Sydney!!!

Other recognition features of Easter was my housemate K , also Carpool mate who thought it necessary to start eating Easter Eggs in the car on the way into work this morning. Not so bad except she kept putting pieces in my hand as I’m driving.

I guess that’s safer than my crocheting when we’re stopped at redlights. I’m pretty sure at least 8 of the 25 squares of the Surprise Blanket were crocheted at traffic lights.

Anyway – am also under the influence of Sudafed, trying to take the edge off the new lurgy that’s threatening to impact on my Easter so think it’s time I called this to an end – Hugs to you all!!!


~ by SB&C on April 9, 2009.

One Response to “How Embarrassment!”

  1. nope surely not a 98 year old crocheting grandmother – pretty – but for some reason i was excepting worse from you. thankfully big kid was getting ready for school and little kid was eatting but it would have had more impact on big kid.

    i am sure you got a few stares while you were dehosing yourself – sight that i would have loved to see – heheheh


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