Sometimes, it’s just a little bit worth it.

A rather mixed week, that turned into an even more variable weekend (Trust me, if you’ve never woken up with an anxious mouse entangled in your hair, you don’t know what you’re missing. And you should be grateful about this too!) we’re now here on a Monday evening in bed at 8.35.

Yes, it’s a lavish lifestyle I lead.


The two things i would like to share with you tonight are purely crochet. It’s hard to come back from the mouse in terms of sheer chaos, so I’ll satisfy my need to brag. Just a little bit.aa-version-4

First of all, is the news from Sydney Royal Easter Show.  I received a phone call yesterday afternoon to let me know that my Green Mohair/Alpaca blend blanket – an Avatar pattern, had sold at Sydney. I’m chuffed about this not because it’s a nice little bit of dosh coming back, but because quite often at Sydney, if things don’t get a place, they don’t get displayed – so .. at least my Lord Of The Rings Camouflage Avatar made it out to public display.

And Sold!

Kind of interesting to note that this blanket has won a third, and two firsts and sells at the show it’s an also ran.

So, whomever has bought it, i hope it keeps you warm and snug 🙂



The other news, sort of following on from last year when I made Alyssa’s Shawl for a wedding, I made a wedding ring pillow for a friend who was married on Friday.

 completed-pillowThis was my own design which Is two pieces, with a chiffon inset, filled with rose pot pourri. I thought it would do either as a Pillow or as a pot pourri sachet I think it turned out quite well!

pillowAnd I was really chuffed to see it turn up in the wedding photos —>








I will finish writing out the pattern and put it up- I couldn’t find any online that weren’t older patterns that I always find hard to understand..

So that’s me done for tonight – hugs to you all!!


~ by SB&C on April 20, 2009.

4 Responses to “Sometimes, it’s just a little bit worth it.”

  1. […] Original post by Safety Boots and Crochet […]

    a freakin’ mouse? YUCK, GROSS, DISCUSTING…..

  3. Oh my and WOW!! A mouse in your hair! That must have been an interesting wake up call! And congrats on the blanket!! It looks super comfy and warm!

  4. We have a spare cat we could lend you…take your pick!

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