Travelling time

One of the aspects of my new life is travel.

Not the return to TB C after a certain number of weeks amongst steel and ore that characterized this time last year, but making new connections within the world of Search and Rescue.

Having been on the “wet” end once upon a time, when I wore uniform, being part of Search and Rescue, admittedly from the safety of a desk is interesting and a blessed mix of work.jorja-out-window

I took Green Car  in to TB C from our current home at TB Y somehow managing to be sans Hairy Beast, who recently has become very opiniated about me driving anywhere without her. I’ve noticed when 50kgs of German Shepherd doesn’t want to be moved – it’s quite difficult to convince her that she should be somewhere else.  We reached a impasse at Easter when I went for a drive to Gundagai to look at a pony. A dog that shall remain nameless a) camped on the horse float ramp so I couldn’t lift it closed and b) beautifully demonstrated to a passerby who pointed out that the window was down on the car.. which was also unlocked – and someone might steal it.

I bet him $50 that he wouldn’t get in the car – pointing out the set of fangs that were now looking at the window…

Anyway,  whilst on the road, Jorja Porja and I took the opportunity to visit the Dog on the Tuckerbox at Gundagai




I don’t really like to encourage her like this!!








But you have to agree she’s cute 🙂







And now I’m away and I have three major cities to visit in 4 days.

See if you can guess which one this one is :

image_0562 Yes – I was out and about on the harbour 🙂


It was interesting being back in a vessel very similar to those I  used in my old job.. before I went to the Land of Shiny Rocks.





Anyway – my treat to myself after a long day, and taking advantage of the fact that I was back in Sydney City for the first time in 3 years was the chance to visit one of THE Yarn Stores in Australia, image_075

Now …..  I have to point out a couple of things. Firstly, Tapestry Craft  is no longer called Tapestry Craft. And.. by the cruellest twist of fate imaginable… and for those who are familiar with our Mr Toad.. they have been renamed.



image_076I went to Mecca 🙂

This is an ENTIRE basement of yarns.

The kind of place where you look at the credit card in your purse and wonder.. really….. how much do you need to be able to eat for the next month.

And I should admit I succumbed – to the tune of two balls of Noro…

but I had a great chat with the salesgirls re yarn and crochet before being kicked out at closing time…….

Tomorrow we have a flight to another Australian city followed by a trip to yet another!

Trust me, you’ll like it!


~ by SB&C on April 28, 2009.

9 Responses to “Travelling time”

  1. […] placed an interesting blog post on Travelling timeHere’s a brief overview…of the fact that I was back in Sydney City for the first time in 3 years was the chance to visit one of THE Yarn Stores in Australia, […]

  2. Such a cute dog! I’m drooling over all that yarn too!

  3. awww isn’t she perrtty! but all that fur – UGGGGGG

  4. And soon she will need a second lock up for all that yarn…..

  5. m_f i thought thats what your house was for? hehehe

  6. Kris – most of my spare space is already pretty woolly!

  7. m_f – thats pretty funny! i guess its time to cut her off. maybe time for an intervention hehehehe. and if she continues you coud always send some of that heavenly stuff my way! hahahahahaha

  8. She has gone cold turkey with her major source of supply. Now we just have to work on the small time operators she finds! And she knows and can account for every ball she owns, so I don’t like my chances of smuggling some out for you.

  9. once an addict always an addict. where there is a will there is a way – she will always find a way to get more – so i guess its a helpless cause. HAHAHAHA

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