What do you call it when it’s not Home?

When last I spoke, I was 2000 km away, in the state of Victoria, and certain things hadn’t happened yet.

The fact that they have all now happened, may explain why I haven’t posted for a month.

In no particular order:

I went to Tasmania. Nice place.  And yes, much to the disgust of the one member of the group who I kept trying to lose (and it wasn’t me who hid the raisins in his bag so the Customs beagle would single him out for a Super-fun Cavity search @.@)  I bought *some* yarn.



I had a moderately famous person kinnear (thanks, Yarnharlot)   himself. True – although he looked somewhat despondent when I told him I was trying to take photos of the ship. 

That was made funnier by the fact I had been chatting with him about five minutes previously (re number of smashed in cars waiting the wharf parking lot).  I did recognise him – despite it being 17 years and a whole lot of big meals for him since he made Strictly Ballroom…. I was just more interested in the Ship.


It’s ok – I won’t blame you if you don’t recognise Paul Mercurio….


I wrote a post on What not To Crochet which garnered over 5000 hits in 24 hours.     o.O

I broke a back molar into pieces.  My dentist loves me.

I cajoled the At-Work Crafty Ladies to make a huge bunch of squares so we could make a Comfortghan for a lovely man at work who has been diagnosed with Terminal Lung Cancer.

I moved Plan Woolly Version.something forward a whole new notch.yellow house  More on that later. 

I decided, after discussion, with my (human) housemates that it would be an idea to move out now, noting that it was going to be at least a year until I had something approaching habitable on … Plan Woolly Version M. 

So in a week’s time… We’re moving again!!  (with a faint under-tone of Bugger)   to the Custard Yellow house.  See  ——>  Yellow house. On 7 acres. M_F has already named the chickens.

           And do you want to know what the best part of it is?  Storage Stash, Mother_figure’s babysitting Stash, House Stash and Unit Stash are all going to be one!

One Frickin’ E.N.O.R.M.O.U.S   Stash. Seriously. 

  In fact I am, in all seriousnessnessness, a little apprehensive about just how much yarn I actually do possess.  And also…

Just how many WIPS I have.

Moving right along….IMAGE_021


I sold Sonntag. (-1 horse)       Sonn had grown way too big for me – well over the 15.2 she was supposed to be and also VERY wide, so much so that it hurt my hips to ride her. Chris Corbidge, who is quite noticeably taller than me, has fallen in love with her new spotted companion.

that left me….. with nothing to ride!!


hermia and star




I bought Orion and Hermia. (+2 horses)

That’s Hermia closest and Orion hiding behind her. They are both off -the-track TB’s, with nary a horse beaten home between them. And… you don’t want to know where they were going to end up.


I created four new patterns which I will be posting shortly.   A wedding ring pillow,   two scarves and a Shawl. I’m still testing an Afghan Pattern but hoping will have it all to you in due course.

I failed entirely to see what the buzz was about Noro. Ok – call me a heretic but I just am not getting any mojo off the super expensive Noro I bought in Sydney. Yes, the scarf is pretty in the way the colours came together but working with it? I might as well have been using twine.

in dornierSo – upshot is, I went away again last week to places north – where, in fact we have been to before. This time travelling in the company aircraft 🙂  Should note – I don’t work for Aerorescue… I work for the Government. And I can legitimately say that I’m here to help!

And positively encouraged to take pictures.  Jorge and I did some serious schnappin’ on this tour. So much so that I filled up an 8Giggaschnurkle card. Shooting Raw.. gotta love it.

Which reminds me.  My Panasonic Lumix, that I bought not quite a year ago (yes… I remember that day….) suffered a bit of a breakdown and has been sent for warranty repairs.  This left me with a bit of a gap in the whole P&S area of my photographic life.  So against all the grain of my camera-discerning self, I launched myself and fragile bank balance into a Camera store and looked not at Megapixels etc but purely at price.

I ended up with the super cheap but still 8MP Pentax which takes quite a reliable photo but doesn’t compare with my favourite , Jorge  AKA NIKON D80. 

ships 1


Though for a $149 camera – I don’t think our little Pentax friend is disgraced….

So that’s where I am at present – give or take a few crises every now and then, about to pack up and move next weekend, and make a new home.


hugs to you all!


~ by SB&C on June 6, 2009.

3 Responses to “What do you call it when it’s not Home?”

  1. oh no!!1 poor sonn… such a pretty thing – so much prettier than your new babes. i hope she is in good hands and well loved.

    and M_F when shes packing to move her stash remember to keep some behind for you and me!!!!! (hehehehehe)

  2. I’m so happy you were able to rescue Orion and Hermia!! Can’t wait to see the patterns! I hope you post a picture of your stash! I want to see!!!

  3. Hi there, good to see you active again. Where is this yellow house? Good on you for rescuing another 2 ponies. Lets face it, it would take 2 to replace Sonn in any case! I recognised the Mercurio 🙂

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