I used up 2 balls of yarn!!!

Noting that I have more than 8,000 in my combined possessions… that’s maybe not so great actually.

scarf finishedAnyway, the Noro Basketweave scarf is done, and if you’re looking for a free pattern, you can see it here.

I rather like the oil pastel look it’s got going. But still can’t say that I would sell anyone into slavery for more Noro. More Baby Cashmerino perhaps….

Anyway, today is the first Sunday of the month which means there is two (Count ’em) crafty markety things happening today and… to make matters much betterer:  tomorrow is a Public Holiday.  Which will be followed by a week that includes a trip to the dentist, a trip to Melbourne, Mr Toad taking a trip to the Supreme Court courtesy of his ex-common-law wife and a bunch of trips between places where my belongings are and where they are all going to be.  

Given that it’s a short week, that’s a lot of things going to be happening. Followed by next week , when I go diving into some 300 odd packing boxes.

Still have visions of me looking like a small hermit crab with my legs sticking out of a packing box as I try to unpack yarn.  Though I do have a Cunning plan. Any more applied cunning and I’ll have to use boltcutters and a balaclava.

The local Scout Group (don’t get there before me) is looking for jobs to do to raise money to send scouts to Jamboree.


Now I’m thinking a great blow can be made in the direction of child slavery sending Scouts to Jamborees with the inherited benefit of actually sorting my yarn by composition, colour and conglomeration, if I employ a number of Scoutlets to unpack boxes and then play a Super Fun Matching Game! Followed by the even more fun game :  Place All The Yarn in Ziploc bags and then write on the front of the Zippy what the hell is in it.  Bonus points if I can remember to note down what I planned to make with the contents.

Unpacking is going to be fun – if only because i’m going to indulge my Fraggle side and watch seasons 1 & 2, back to back while I do it. And then I have:   The Dark Crystal, extended Gladiator and all the other DVDs I own I haven’t had a chance to watch in over a year.


~ by SB&C on June 7, 2009.

One Response to “I used up 2 balls of yarn!!!”

  1. I made a scarf out of noro and wasn’t that impressed with it either… once you wash it and it fluffs up a bit, its softer, but not worth the cost!

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