“Will you *please* Stop referring to the Pandemic as ‘Pig Sniffles’?”

Really.  Some people have no sense of humour.    

They didn’t even like my joke about calling internationally and apologising for the crackling on the line.

I thought it was a good name.  There ‘s been Mad Cow, Equine influenza (the highest Scrabble Word Score virus…), Bird Flu, SARS… What’s next? Turtle Herpes?  It’s reaaaaallly slow to get you?

Anyway – I spent last week travelling to try and organise a conference I’m putting together for, ooohhh, 40 odd people in the north Queensland city of Cairns (yes, it’s beautiful, yes, it’s touristy, yes, it takes you to the Inner Reef, and yes, it’s expensive) (and for crying out loud, who needs to buy a packet of 20 clip-on Koalas anyway???) which, now, some countries are a little unwilling to attend due to the potential for coming home with a variant of the Flu.

Noting my propensity for getting viruses..   the idea of the Flu as being one of my souvenirs from a conference (personally – I like a nice leatherette compendium with the screen printed logos blurred just enough so that the person trying to decipher it upside down has to squint) is a little disquieting.  In the same way, that the person squinting sitting next to me at the Flying Marsupial’s Business Lounge seemed somewhat O.o’ish about the fact I was rewriting text on Distress Beacons and Maritime Survivor Life Saving Systems (Think Granny Alert buttons for sailors) before flying somewhere.

Oooh – and as a shoutout to the Baggage Wreckers at the aforementioned Flying Marsupial – I’ve flown four times in a week and you didn’t lose my bag once? What’s going on?? It used to be so good between us!  I mean – even the zips on my bag still work! 


Anyway – I have posted one new scarf pattern, finished a second scarf – which has a disturbingly hyperbolic thing going on at the ends. I was just trying to use up the last of the ball – I SWEAR. The scarf used 2.834887 balls of Spotlight’s Baby Layette – the Bamboo Merino Blend I fell for (HARD) before Canberra Royal 2009.  And you would not believe the number of DCs I tried to put in to eat up the last bit of Ball #3.

But the picot Mesh has this nice effect around your neck as a scarf – this is about the 5 th picot scarf I’ve made, and there was one a friend made as Occupational therapy to rehabiliate his hands after a nasty car smash. And if a 6’4″ Military Policeman can learn to crochet…… 🙂


We’re now at 3 days until moving to the Custard Yellow House, which will be known as “CYH”, all variations on the theme of Chez Chaos can go hang…. I feel a little like it’s the brain teazer with the Turkey, the Fox and the bag of grain, you have to get all three from point A to point B without any of the items being consumed or consuming the other. Moving 4 horses, 3 Alpackages, 1 German Shepherd, all the horses’ gear, Yarn Stashes Domestic and Storage Unit, plus myself and clothes is going to be nothing but FUN.

Kill. Me.

And in a stunning twist of I’m-not-sure-what, the Modem that has served me admirably in places so far flung that it’s easier to get to them by going the other way round,  when in CYH, will not work.  20km from a capital city, THE capital city for that matter… and it won’t work.


Nor will my phone (replacing the one that was munched by Mr Toad’s hound and mine – not sure who – they were both grinning)

So I have had to get a *wait for it* home phone attached.  As well as wireless broadband.

OH MY GOD. For this first time in two years – I will be living somewhere that actually has ….A PHONE attached.

The plan is to abide (with me, fast falls the eventide) in CYH until Plan Woolly Version (I think it’s version 3.0 now) takes a more solid form.

And by solid, I don’t mean frozen – it’s currently -1.6deg. And the forecast was for -4???

Where am I? Siberia???

This is the point where I console myself that the Ambulant Stashes will be forced into growing better fleece if it’s subzero.  And try not to cry that any one of the three Equines designated as “Riding” horses will also, despite more expensive blankets than I have, be trying to emulate hairy yaks.  “Now competing in the Novice test,  Amanda M riding Manton Park Woolly Mammoth”.

In other news : I can recommend seeing both State of Play   and Night in the Museum 2.  Seriously.

And rollon Moving Day 🙂

hugs to you all!


~ by SB&C on June 12, 2009.

4 Responses to ““Will you *please* Stop referring to the Pandemic as ‘Pig Sniffles’?””

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  2. well your life is always full of adventure! better you than me. still havn’t told little one about sonn or new horseys, i think she will be disappointed and extactic at the same time. good luck with your move – i hope you have an extra room for all your stash – you should take pics of it all.

  3. Hahaha pig sniffles, I like that much better. I had a regular phone for a short amount of time not too long ago. I kept getting calls in spanish and a lot of sales calls, so I ended it. Good luck with your move and good luck with the internet! Hugs!

  4. […] "Will you *please* Stop referring to the Pandemic as 'Pig Sniffles'?" […]

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