Welcome to the Yellow House of Chaos!

The score currently stands at:

Number of boxes unpacked : 116

Number of boxes still to be unpacked: 49

Number of balls of yarn I own: At least a room’s worth. And it’s beginning to spread. 

Number of balls of yarn consumed as diversion: 11

Number of arguments with Telstra: 9

Number of arguments with a German Shepherd re staying in the yard : 6

Number I lost: 3

Number of Rabbits in the bathtub: 1

Number of discussions with German Shepherd whilst driving (pulling horse float in the dark) about not eating Rabbit: 4

Yes.. it’s been a disastrous week. I’d like to thank Telstra and Bigpond for the absolutely @%$^&&&   awful service they’ve provided. If you’re reading this, and you work for TELSTRA or BIGPOND – I have made the complaint to the TIO, and this time … I’m not going to be bought off. People pay for reliable internet – not a Router that crashes after 2 hours and is now sitting dead in the laundry.

 If you remember the Gundaroo Triathlon (with sheep assist) here in Nanima (where I have been reliably informed I live) we do the Nanima Steeplechase. It involves a series of mild jumps over Books, Spare Bedding and Towels. OH CHRIST – the towels.. how do I manage to have so many towels????

The yarn has been corralled into what the Removalists started referring to as “The Wool Bedroom”, though there are balls that have boldly left to colonise the rest of the house.

The Rabbit – after I signed the lease on The Custard Yellow House I decided that Plan Woolly was going to take on a whole new aspect. And I found some Angora and Cashmere bunnies. I now have Picnic, a chocolate Cashmere lop who is remarkably cuddly, and despite the instructions on the box I brought him home in, not best when cooked to Golden Brown. As we arrived home in the dark, I opted to leave him in his hungry Jacks’ box, in the bathtub. He was somewhat unimpressed about this, but is now happily chewing grass and taunting Jorja behind chicken wire.

Anyway – I’m here, I have limited Internet and almost no mobile reception… and I live 20kms from the Capital city. Standby for me to implode…  Aston and Jazzy are currently in the front paddock, enjoying plenty of good quality grass and Aston is enjoying frequent cuddles 🙂


Hugs to you all.


~ by SB&C on June 20, 2009.

One Response to “Welcome to the Yellow House of Chaos!”

  1. Bunny pics!!! Sounds dreamy! I had a mini-rex bunny for a few years and he was a sweetheart! It was all before I got into fiber arts so he was just a pet!

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