Pink Skies and Forgotten Angels

custard yellow house

Sunrise 24 JunIt’s hard to take a day seriously, when it starts out that pink.  I got up early because a BAD DOG decided to excavate an escape route (I *wondered* what she was doing with that tennis ball) and I wanted to try and prevent further Dog Departure.

I noticed that the sky was incredibly pink.   Really – you’ll think I’ve been playing too hard with Photoshop.

We’ve been having frosts, subzero temperatures and I’m getting used to driving to and from work in the dark. Also getting very used to having my horses out my door again. Having schnuggles with Aston and Orion every evening are a definite plus.

For the first time in a long time, today I had a performance review at work. It’s been over two years since I received written reporting on my job. So it was refreshing to hear that my boss (and his boss – the GM) seem happy with what I do.

Which reminds me – have to call the French tomorrow.

On the work front, Pig sniffles bit hard and caused the cancellation of the conference I was organising – say Bugger now;  I was looking forward to another trip to Queensland.

     Hopefully though.. there might be some more interesting trips in the offing.  Seriously more interesting 🙂munchkin

I have nearly finished writing another pattern – for the Wedding Ring pillow I made for Kay’s wedding.

It’ll be my first thread pattern and I’m just fiddling with how to express the making up of the chiffon insert. But I am pleased with how easy the pillow was to make and I’m hoping that I can replicate it for Darwin Show.

I decide to enter about 12 pieces in Darwin Show – and the terrific thing I’ve found is that all of them are done already!!

Speaking of done – I’m sure most people find WIPs and UFOs when they move – whilst trying to carve some order into the Yarnery, inside one of my forest of Plastic storage towers, I found – a stiffened, ready to go Thread angel – oh – she doesn’t have wings – but.. OMG… there’s an Angel in my cupboard.

So – thats a piece I can build on.

I’ve used up another couple of balls of yarn, the downside of unpacking (and blowingdry wet dogs) is that there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.   This weekend is already packed and I’m already planning November!

Things I did acheive today – 4 more boxes, and the faxing of the Damage report to the removal coordinators. I am still trying to find.. and I’m intrigued which box the somewhat creative packers in Darwin put my knives. I have three.

Which is good for smallish dinner parties. Not so good for trying to set the table for 4-squares.  Given that the couch feet were under the cushions for the outdoor setting, and the terracotta turtle was thrown in on top of the lampshades (result: squooooshed lampshades) the flatware could be anywhere.


~ by SB&C on June 24, 2009.

One Response to “Pink Skies and Forgotten Angels”

  1. oh so pretty – maybe someday we will make it out there.
    and your life is chaos!!!!!

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