Take one tin of Spaghetti…..

And demonstrate the following:



A.   Tolerance. 

B.   Acceptance of Other People’s Mistakes

C.   Forgiveness.



A. The fact that the contents of the Tin of Spaghetti  did not end up all over the Black Chrysler PT Cruiser in Mr Toad’s driveway.

B. That the can did not get pitched through any window of his house.

C. That after everything in the last year,  and a silence of five months, I didn’t tell him to get knotted last week.   (Which may actually better demonstrate D. Stupidity on my part.)

Which led to the shopping trip on Friday night… and his tin of spaghetti ending up in my car.

The “mistake” (apart from my obvious one) that I’m supposedly so not tolerant of  (oh and thanks again for the suggestion of what I should do, when I asked how you would react if you were me) was again to agree to do brunch.. and then do the Famous Magic Trick that Toads are famous for:    Not be there.

Just a wonderful recipe for Disappointment.

With a nice side serving of Humiliation and a sprig of  “I told you so” as a garnish.


~ by SB&C on June 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “Take one tin of Spaghetti…..”

  1. I think you should have thrown an open can through a window where it could potentially hit something white. Preferably if he wont be home for awhile so that it leaves a nice stain!

    But I’m sorry you had to deal with crap like that. Its hard to walk away from certain people, but sometimes its the best thing. (((((HUGS)))))

  2. you deserve better – let the toad go he will never be your prince!!!!!!!!

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