You never lose the anger, you just deal with it in a different way

And this aint the place,

and this aint the time

and neither’s any other day.


Next time I find myself with the choice between moving house or being mugged, I’ll take the mugging – at least I know I have some chance of fighting back against that one.

Lesseee…. the bafflement from the latest Toad Event has translated into another bunch of boxes being unpacked (mem to self : Trip to the Tip this weekend), a new foray into the world of lasagna receipes (chicken pesto) ,  dealing with the World’s Most Disobedient Dog, an incredible number of lightbulbs that have  gone pfffzzzzt and killing of a spider that was only *slightly* smaller than the anticipated blessed event at Taronga Zoo.  Take that,  Berlin – we have a baby Heffalump on the way !

One of the plus features of the Custard Yellow house – not only that it is enormously closer to Work than I used to be, is that it is also remarkably picturesque.bridge 2

And – as a small point – the water is *that* clear.


This was Sunday… lunch time.


 Oh and the Lumix is back at the Camera Doctors’ again. So today’s shot is of course brought to you by Jorge the Nikon (D80 – don’t ask me about fstops – I haven’t got a shmoggy).


 The unpacking of the yarn stash remains possibly the biggest challenge since someone thought climbing up that big mountainy thing was a good idea. 


What gets me is the sheer quality (not volume – I can deal with that) but the Good-to-the-point-of-being-luscious mohair,   the dreamy-better-than-caramel-fudge hand-dyed sock yarn (just look on etsy) and the superfine-hand-cosseted-fed-on-truffles-and-champagne  Merino.

Seriously good positive bio-feedback, open a box and your yarn conglomeration has matured, like a cellar of vintage whatevers…

And the only left to do is a take deep breath..

and delve 🙂

Anyway.. thank you for your positive thoughts and hugs to you all…


~ by SB&C on July 2, 2009.

2 Responses to “You never lose the anger, you just deal with it in a different way”

  1. and you keep your chin up – and move on!!!!!

  2. Hmmm – I remember someone mentioned that the stash was breeding. But it does sound delicious. And remember, toads only ever leave you with warts and hairy nosed whatnames just luv being indoors in the winter time.
    Picture is great.

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