A question sometimes you don’t want to ask.

Aston at the gate

As you can see in the photo, there is a young Warmblood in my front garden.

Usually, the young warmblood is in the paddock, two sets of fences below the front garden.

But at 10 oclock this morning…. he was merrily browsing in company with Roy, in the front garden.

Not a clue how he got there.

Anyone who knows horses, knows that a juvenile warmblood is:

a) mischevious

b) usually going through a gangling ugly duckling phase, magnified by the possibility of someone coming to visit and

c) expensive.

So… when anyone of the above two kick in… the owner of said Warmblood usually has heart palpitations.

And.. after a while, you accept that’s it just easier for the teenaged Warmblood  to stay in the front garden.

He is a bit wild and wooly but you have to look at the nice straight legs, the depth of chest and his compactness.


And the personality is hard to go past.


Otherwise my weekend has been quiet. I’ve unpacked a bit more, tried to find a greater semblance of order, helped a friend buy new furniture, Former Housemate K had an impassioned plea – their washing machine had packed up and she was out of underwear…..

The yarn sorting continues, and I’m now at the point where sanity is a long forgotten memory. I am however, as therapy, working on a Raspberry basketweave afghan….. from an enormous ball of Raspberry Soy & Merino. Not sure what I’ll do about the border yet. I’m becoming a fan of the basket weave pattern though..


I have the day off tomorrow as the antenna man is coming to hook up the intawebs proper-like 🙂

Hugs to you all.


~ by SB&C on July 5, 2009.

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