How to make someone smile with pure pleasure

Hand them a gratis Cyalume stick.

Jorja has excelled herself – she not only managed to get off the chain AND get out of the yard, but after I visited the owners of the Custard Yellow house, who also live on the property here behind the moat – just over the other side of some trees, to apologise for my wandering Canine – she escaped AGAIN.

During the course of the visit, their little boy was in dire need of AAA batteries, of which I had some spare. That which made him positively thrilled was being handed two green Cyalume (Glow in the Dark)  sticks.  He is under strict instructions to SHARE with his sister…..

I was thinking of something I read once, about the questions you get asked when standing at the gates of Heaven – What did you find joy in ? and What did you do to spread joy?

Admittedly – 36 hours before having a root canal – joy is a little hard to find…though the painkillers do help 🙂

But today I am grateful that I have bought a cast off (and cast iron) bathtub so Aston can stop kicking over his water bucket (I swear, he does it with this butter wouldn’t melt in MY mouth expression) and the former owner of the bathtub was remarkably happy that I had answered their advert to acquire the bathtub.          I got to practise my somewhat limited Francais in order to strengthen relationships between Australia et other countries.   And they understood me….

At least I hope so and I haven’t just started a coup d’ etat somewhere o.O

(BTW – I need Chinese next…..)


Giving an unexpected cyalume stick to a little boy – Joy in the Megawatt scale.

Wish all men were that easy to please.IMAGE_084

Have I mentioned that it’s COLD here???

It’s been subzero on a number of mornings (read – all of them) this week.  This is what Green Car, resplendent in both ACT numberplates AND a significant layer of frost, looks like most mornings.

There’s something quite risky in even standing next to him I can feel how cold it is.

Maybe not quite *this* cold:

   But I do think it’s a cute ad 🙂


Maybe this is a more Amanda orientated Animal driven way of illustrating how cold and frosty it is here

Frosting modelled by the smallest Equine – Roy.

Not sure if I have introduced Roy to you properly – he’s a whopping 9 hands tall and about 13yo. He was acquired as a future companion for Aston as I am hoping to be able to keep Aston entire…

And I will make the point that Roy not only has a perfectly good shelter to sleep in, he does have a Navy blue Ripstop Rug.

He just has worked out how to roll out of it and I find him as a Chocolate Brown miniature mammoth, curled into a small ball in the middle of the garden.

He and Aston play fun games like Biteybitey and  bellychompies and do seem very happy in the 1/2 acre that is the garden – though once I have the bathtub and about 40metres of hot-tape, they’re both going back out into the bigger grazing area.

If only so I can do the dishes without a nose looming in at me from the darkness…

Yarnishly, I have not bought yarn in a remarkably long time plus I have used up four balls this week…


It’s all good 🙂

Hugs to you all.


~ by SB&C on July 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “How to make someone smile with pure pleasure”

  1. I love that picture of Roy! Such a cute little guy! Bathtubs to make wonderful water troughs! Stay warm – it does look awfully cold out there!

  2. give that sneaky adventerous K9 a big huge hug and make sure she knows how much you love her!!!!!!!!!!!!

    we lost our niko on sunday – on day shy of his first birthday. not very pretty here right now.

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