What happened?

One minute I was leading a normal life, and then the next – I was just so busy …

I don’t really remember September at all.

So – lets try and sum it up :

First – Mother Figure (who is better now) fell very ill. And we had a trip to the Emergency room that included some heart stopping moments (for her – literally).

Oil Spills. The spill from the Montara Platform took up a lot of my time. 12- 14 hour days.

Horses. Aston and I went to the Warmblood Gala show and did quite well!

I have Chickens! Lots of chickens!

Mr Toad – came and has been told to go.

I sold a pony and got a new pony – Ziggy. Ziggy and I have been a-visitin’!

thats Ziggy – helping decompost my compost heap…

Crochet – lots of crochet. so much so, that I have some problems with my hands. On massive doses of fish oil and hoping that eases the problem.  I have  a couple of new patterns to post.

My Palm Treo Pro suffered some MASSIVE cracking. I found out it was a global issue and so despite Telstra’s whinges – I now have a new HTC Snap that seems to do the trick.

Telstra screwed up my billing ROYALLY.  Can you say “Ombudsman” boys and girls?

Photography – I won a couple of prizes at a show recently.

My Laptop – faithful stalwart for many a post, blew up  about a fortnight ago, it’s due back tomorrow.

So – that’s it for now in catch up terms, pictures to follow, and more as we come to it,.

Have missed you all,




~ by SB&C on December 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “What happened?”

  1. welcome back! you have been missed –
    glad i still check in daily!

  2. It’s great to see a post from you!

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