Welcome to Christmas…

So far, my Christmas looks like:

2am – wake up due to strange sound on roof. No, not reindeer. Rain. Rain. RAIN!! Woo – it’s raining!!! this is A Good Thing as a)we’re in drought and b) extreme fire danger.

3am – still raining. Still awake. Opt to write a WNTC post. Do some reading about what people think of WNTC. Snort.  Write more of post. Watch some youtubes on christmas carols.  

4am – More rain. Semi awake. Finish writing post during heavier raining patches. Go to kitchen for drink. Note HUGE huntsman over Kitchen Window. Terminate Huntsman.

5am – wake up during dream regarding a small contact at R10, at 5 nautical miles that has appeared on radar. Dream Ship’s bridge looks very much like Fremantle Class patrol. Am impressed that my dream includes chart number and radar range scale. Woke up during the contact report part where you refer to the appropriate Rule.  Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome not so great actually.

6am – Still raining. Decide to give up on trying to sleep and commence peeling of vegetables and feeding of the range of critters that expect feeding. Made one German Shepherd eternally grateful by feeding her turkey bits. Feed peelings to chooks.

7am – still raining, and hard. Explain to Junior Warmblood (on lawn mowing duties in front garden) that looming up at the kitchen window is not something to do while I’m chopping.  Decide to shampoo some sections of the carpet.   Interrupt peeling process to return escaped Araucana chick to brooder box. Vegetables are all peeled and chopped, the turkey, he is stuffed and the distal ends are wrapped in foil. I may have over done it on the sprigs of Rosemary. Almost consider doing some crochet…..

Back shortly….


~ by SB&C on December 25, 2009.

6 Responses to “Welcome to Christmas…”

  1. you disappear as quickly and slyly as you appear!

  2. “Back shortly….”

    I don’t think that means what you think it means!

  3. And the turkey was delicious.
    You produced an excellent Christmas Day, complete with yet more rain!
    Just perfect.

  4. nice to see you back m_f. i hope you are feeling better and back to normal!


  6. hope all is well-have been missing your updates

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