In which I decided to start posting again.

Once upon a time – there wasnt any.

The post christmas period turned into the Countdown to ShowDay from Hellishnessness, hence the complete dearth of posts…

In February of each year is the Canberra Royal (think big) and then Sydney Royal (think Bigger)is right behind it in March.  This  means I spend an enormous amount of time producing articles, frogging them back, redoing them, cursing, and also as I get closer to the deadline, begrudging any time that doesnt involve me hooking.

And I’m not going to clarify that.  However I can show you a picture of the loungeroom…

For Canberra this year, I entered nineteen classes (Crochet,  Jewellery and Dolls) and of course, some of those classes had multiple pieces, so the insanity level I reached, assisted by way too much Red Bull was, HIGH.


 This is the set up of Canberra 2010 – I wasn’t involved this year due to how much got dropped on me at work in the end of 2009, something had to give, organising committee  got picked.

My blanket is the blue-grey squares that can be seen to the left of the overall champions (two pieces of freeform) which quite pleasingly SOLD, as did my shawl, made from 12 balls of Melody from Yarntreehouse (though Jojoland’s version is exactly the same, just more expensive.. go figure).

This left me with a bit of a problem as I didnt have anything like enough to make another for Sydney, ordering the yarn from the States would be trickisome and would also put some more constraints on time that I wasnt quite sure would leave me any room for sanity.

 So I ended up making the Nicki Epstein Medallion Medley instead.

This design is my own, and I will be putting it up as a free pattern.   I think of it as being “3Step” as there is 3 different sections – the body, which is alternating shells; the edging which is FPDCs and HDCs and then finally the crescent border.

 Maybe I’ve been reading Cakewrecks too much…

I just love those cakes with three different themes to their layers.

i will publish the pattern shortly.

So it was a flurry of Activity and reasonably well rewarded, an array of firsts and seconds that I have no complaints about.

 I finally made something I have wanted to for a while:  The Gourmet Crochet Amigurumi Nativity Scene (brace yourself for the worst photo ever)A couple of things here:  I made two extra shepherds and a Drummer boy – having

watched wayyyy too many episodes of WW I felt that no Nativity set is complete without a Drummer Boy.   I also was of the opinion that the Joseph needed to lose the Shepherd’s crook in favour of a broom.

Obviously someone doing the set up felt Mary needed Shepherd company…

and that’s my Bear in the Red Dress peering at you with a really wonkily displayed necklace. 


Here’s a much better photo to take your mind off that..

 Aston has grown enormously, he has become a bit more opinionated but still likes a cuddle.

 He has had me hanging over his back

and is easy to lunge with saddle and bridle so hopefully will be ready to ride about Christmas time.

Anyway – now that the Royals are over – more about Sydney shortly, I’ll have more time to post.

Promise 🙂


~ by SB&C on April 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “In which I decided to start posting again.”

  1. I really love that picture of you and Aston! Cute nativity scene and congrats on selling your shawl and the blanket!! Do you have more pictures of the blanket? I’d like to see it!

  2. well look who is amoung the living! i had given up hope!
    glad to see you about!

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