How much progress in 2 and half years is considered “some”?


After a very drunken night out in Darwin, August 2007, for some reason only known to the Hangover Gremlins, I decided to start on the ultimate WIP.  I wanted to make something that people would suck their bottom lip and stare at due to the intricacy of the stitches, fineness of the yarn and the obvious length of time that it had taken to make.    This was the beginning of the Laceweight Christening Gown.

The gown was to be made in Laceweight Merino from Yarntreehouse and I idly calculated that it wouldnt take me “long” to make it.

I was optimistic, because at the time I lived about the Shiny rocks, and the Dam, and I could do one row a night.

I nearly went blind doing the teeny tiny puffs that were the two ribbon row edges.

BTW – the starting chain was over 300 stitches.

in Laceweight.

Using a 1.3mm hook.

And it grew at 4 dcs a side each row.

The Laceweight Gown travelled with me between Toothbrush 1 and Toothbrush 2, when I took up the job opportunity in the Land of the Red Mud, it flew with me up and back and up and back.  Again, the shift to the coal dusted world saw it come with me and more flights.   When I changed my life dramatically and moved back to Canberra and my current job, it came with me, and haas travelled still more, crossing the country no less than 4 times east to west.  In all, I estimate the Gown has racked up over 28,000 km.

It has been worked on in the back of cars, in carparks whilst waiting, in a number of hotel rooms and on my couch. It has narrowly avoided being savaged by a Very Bad Dog during the Great Potato chase of 2008.

I have been ill for the past week with a fairly massive chest infection and I decided that I needed something painstaking to work on. The Gown has been tucked in it’s Ziplock beside my bed for quite a while, but i pulled it out on Thursday and gave it some attention.

After 2.5 years, I have now used over 1500 yards of Laceweight Merino

and am about… I dont know…  about oooh…….halfway through the skirt.

The Open crescents are done in repeats of four rows, the first is lots of chains, the second a whole bunch of microscopic DCs; third: tiny DCs into microscopic DCs with teensy chains in between.  Fourth Row: more teeny teeny DCs, with little chains, and a VC just to test your counting skills.

The easiest row in the second – because it’s reasonably easy to count to 9.

Third and fourth rows – you have to concentrate.

The yarn is splitty, which I do detest.  I had to turn the brightness up a bit to show the stitchery, so the slightly cream colour has been lost, but you can count the 24 repeats (which is 96 rows) of laceweight shells.


~ by SB&C on May 2, 2010.

4 Responses to “How much progress in 2 and half years is considered “some”?”

  1. Ohhh, it’s lovely! I realize that laceweight thread/yarn and tiny crochet hooks are annoying and frustrating, but the christening gown is really beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing it!

  2. WOW! I made a little dress with thread many years ago. You have my utmost admiration. Truly beautiful!

  3. WOW – i had forgotton about this project. still absolutly stunning – but still not done? probably another 2.5 years?

  4. That looks amazing!!!

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