Proof that you’ve acheived something today

One of the issues that I have noted about my colleagues (whether in uniform, dust encrusted or now in the safety of a Government department) is the lack of concrete evidence that you have accomplished something… anything at the end of the day.

If you did, was it meaningful – how did it make your life, or someone else’s better?

And the lack of meaning, lack of ground achieved, seems to wear heavily.

Sometimes I find myself, not only counting gratitudes and the number of people I make laugh, but also “what have I acheieved’s” and then qualifying them with “this makes things better because”.

Concrete evidence that you have accomplished something is also nice when it’s the three members of the Ambulant Stash, now grazing in the front yard.

For those who havent met the boys before, from RIGHT to Left we have Alvin (smallest Fawn) the Assaulted Alpaca (in fact, is currently sporting chunks missing from an encounter with Dog 2), Alfred (middle) the Absconding Alpaca (which he did on Saturday – I get very sick of watching that fuzzy butt stalking off into the distance in front of me) and finally the white KJ – the Adjacent Alpaca.

Saturday morning’s Alpaca collecting expedition actually was not as longwinded as I thought it would be – KJ and Alvin were relatively easy to snag, halter and… well.. KJ walked onto the float, Alvin opted to do his impersonation of a caterpillar and lie down flat.

Alfred… stalked around, kicked out (as a point, Alpacas can kick quickly but there’s not a lot of force behind the kick) leaving me with a bruise across one thigh and then _flatly_ refused to get on the float.

He was half lifted half dragged on to join the other two in their performance of The Pissed Off Pillowcase PuppetShow, occuring through the front window of the horse float.

Inside the float – the pillowcases stop them from panicking during the ride, there’s hay on the floor as a bit of cushion, and I’ve used horse float boots to cushion the metal uprights.

The trip was about 35 minutes and from a start at 8 am – catching, loading and unloading, we were done by 10.30.

Whether the Alpacas think their new home is an improvement has yet to be seen – though they do like eating the leaves off the peach tree…

The horses watched the proceedings with a look of mixed horror and fascination – nearly bugeyed. 

Other things I acheived – Plan Woolly – is still happening, and I’m talking to money people today.  There is, to the absolute amazement of the Mother & Father Figure as well as downright hysterics of my housemate, some destash going on.

In fact, a woman who appears to have a worse acquisition issue than I do came over to … acquire stash.

She left with 3 cones of superfine cobweb weight Merino, a lot of mohair, quantities of rayon/silk/linen blends and about 4 skeins of sock yarn.

Leaving me with a whack of cash… but I still need to shift more.

I have placed a destash listing page HERE, with photos – so if you are interested in any yarn, please email me – help me acheive some rationalisation in the Yarn Room.

There is more mohair, some gorgeous sock yarns, some Classic Wool from one of Australia’s most famous mills as well as single ply super fine merino and bamboo on 2 kg cones.

This flower motif is two strands held together worked with a 1.25mm hook – and is still smaller than an Aussie 5c cent piece which is the same size as a dime.  I have a fair few cones of the superfine yarn to go.. so check it out…



~ by SB&C on May 10, 2010.

5 Responses to “Proof that you’ve acheived something today”

  1. Nice to find another Australian crochet blog! Your alpacas are very handsome. I love alpaca wool ~ lucky you!

  2. OMG you are actually destashing??? (see me shaking my head)

    M_F does she have a fever???

    if only you were a few thousand miles closer.

    (still shaking head) i still can’t wrap my mind around this idea…

  3. I love the alpacas and their names!

  4. WOOO – HOOOO for plan woolly!!!! its about freakin time!

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