Whomever named May “the merry month of”.

should be shot.

I am, once again, insanely busy, looking down the barrel of taking not only a Pony, but also an Alpaca into a church (I can see myself explaining at the Pearly Gates: Well – you see…”) next week, but two ships that have run aground recently feature highly in my daily workload along with encouraging people who go down to the woods today to be prepared for the big surprise.

As part of how downright trippy my day is – there is a Teddy bear hidden in my car as a farewell present for the enormously pregnant member of our workgroup, who is departing today to become somewhat less pregnant and far more encumbered.   Keeping the Teddy bear company, who I shall point out was acquired on a shopping trip yesterday with Mother_figure (not wearing a hat!) but wearing her new ears and rejoicing in being retired; is a box of muslin baby wraps, some Body shop Baby wash and a rapidly crocheted Baby blanket that looks like this…..

This is made with 9 balls (and I do the calculation of destashed 10 balls this week! + used 13 balls total = 21 less balls of yarn!) of Bella Baby Layette – a bamboo merino blend.

It’s a modified version of my Avatar Aghan – a lot smaller and with a different border.  I love this FPDC border – it coils itself around you.

Linda doesn’t know the gender of her impending arrival (we all suspect boy) and she dresses herself in a lot of claret, deep purples and eggplants.  She had expressed an interest in purple. I hope this fits the bill!

The pattern for the Baby Avatarghan has been bashed out – it is VERY simple and VERY QUICK – I did this in 8 hours.

So if you are looking for the rapid quick and easy crochet pattern for a Baby Shower gift / afghan to make – this is IT.

Just as an example of how busy I am – I dont have time to clean up the dead dogs …

Thats Jorja against the wall and Lockie in the middle of the path way.

Sleeping. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.


~ by SB&C on May 20, 2010.

One Response to “Whomever named May “the merry month of”.”

  1. I love the picture of the dogs. They always find the most comfortable spots to sleep!

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