The opinions of Others

My mornings start at early.

Whether we think back to my days in uniform when daybreak would see me standing on the bridge of a ship, in any of the minesites I was always up before dawn and going before I even began.

Now in my Little Yellow House,  my mornings still are early, but are much .. furrier than previously.

The seasons dictate how mornings go, now we’re heading into winter, with the dark not lifting until 7, it’s harder to get out of bed.

The two German Shepherds take the job of making sure I remember how to feed the horses, very seriously.  Lockie and Jorja have worked out what feed each animal is getting (hay for Jazzy and Orion, bucket + hay for Matilda and the much shorter Ziggy, bucket for Aston) and will head in the right direction when they see me pick up someone’s breakfast.

I ‘m fairly sure that they now believe I wouldnt be able to feed the horses or alpacas unless they showed me how to get there.

  Matilda and Ziggy live together in a smaller field, and they are always waiting at the fence, they see the dogs first, so to them I must be the Wolf Food Lady, with the two Fanged Heralds tumbling in front of me.  Matilda waits semi patiently for the hay to be plonked down, and then her over-the-gate-feeder to be filled. It has to face outwards so Ziggy doesnt raid her breakfast.  

While we wait for the water trough to fill (this morning being finer : 5deg!) a game of stick is essential for the Dogs. Lockie can not contain himself when I find a suitable stick , and starts leaping and snapping.  We’re fixing this.   Vinegar and water in a spray bottle – fixes most things.

The Alpacas also know that I’m coming by the appearance of my Minions. But they seem to take comfort that I can say to the dogs “Go!” and they go. 

This is Alfred ( The Absconding Alpaca) on a very frosty morning making sure that the wolves stay where the wolves should be: at the gate.

The Alpacas have been fairly sure that I am the Devil Incarnate (due to a weekend’s worth of collection, innoculation and general molestation of Alpacas) but the delivery of  hay in the mornings is begining to swing the Alpaca vote in my favour.

The alpacas regard me with a level of calculation that an Actuarian would be proud of: food/proximity<happiness.

There has to be a lot of food involved for them to be happy I’m close. 

Speaking of close…

I was washing dishes when I noticed that a weed outside in the darkness was waving at me.

He was ok with me photographing him with the light on, but when I tried to get a better shot, he scampered.

Humans are such scary things.

And finally – the crocheted blanket from yesterday was very well received, the purple was approved off, the and softness of the yarn exclaimed over.  Sometime during the afternoon I was bitten by a lurgy (that is still with me now) and I got home and took two Cold and Flu night formula tablets, before having a bath.

The snuffles and yuckness hadnt responded to the C&F, so I took another one.

This morning, when I went into the lounge room, I discovered that the “May cause drowsiness – Do not Operate heavy Machinery” warning label should be extended to ” or crochet” as somehow… I had opted to select a bronze rayon linen blend yarn,  an F hook and – this is the clincher: an Ondori Cape pattern and had chained on. 


It’s not like I wear that many capes.

hugs to you all!


~ by SB&C on May 21, 2010.

One Response to “The opinions of Others”

  1. lol – about the cape – i am sure it will fit in lovely with all your other show entrys!

    you certainly know how to keep yourself busy!
    shawn and the girls are sick too with some kind of thing – uggg

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