I would have written this post earlier but I have some excuses.

Friday afternoon, on my way home.  I stopped to see if the cluster of people at the traffic lights needed help.

They did.

A older gentlemen had tripped in the gathering dark of a Friday Canberra winter evening (initially I though he had come off the discarded bike) and had a nastily scratched and banged up face to deal with.  The young girl who had seen the fall had known enough not to move him, but not what to do next.

He was reasonably orientated, but bleeding, and as always in situations like this, heartily embarrassed that he had fallen. Once I felt confident to move him I had him sitting in the back of my trusty Green Car to await an ambulance (his top lip was bleeding in the way that cut lips do and I wasnt convinced his top teeth were ok). 

Hanging around in the cold is never fun, but that seemed to set the tone for my weekend!

Some Saturdays I have very little to do, or very little enthusiasm for what I have to do. I find myself back in bed in the afternoon and awake, cottonmouthed with voices telling me I’m wasting my life.

At still dark o’clock horses and dogs were fed, and I drove to the airport to fly to Sydney for the day.

Recent security changes meant that I could now crochet on the plane, so choosing a project to take with me actually took time.  I opted for a new item, noting that it has an intended recipient this week, and a ball of Yarntreehouse Merino in a Raisin positively leapt into my hand.

45 minutes later I had chained on for a scarf (and a half – it’s nearly 2 metres long!) but was in Sydney and harking back to my long ago life in uniform.

If you think that looks cold and windy and wet… you’d be right.

I even had to Weatherproof George.   This was my cunning (so cunning you could stick a tail on it and call it a Fox) plan – involving a garbage bag, the tulip and a couple of knots.

The genius part of it was thta when I tore off about half the excess garbage bag, I ended up with a flap that fitted nicely down and around the whole lot.

Goerge did end up with some salty bits at the end of the day, but not soaked. He has a date at a Nikon day spa for a service coming up.

This was an exercise, practising recovering people from a hypothetical downed aircraft.

Yes – it was very wet, yes – it was very cold, to the extent that some of the volunteers were taken to hospital with exposure.  But i would be willing to bet that not a single one of them would refuse to do it again.

Watching people being rescued and flopping around on the water in a small vessel.. well.. it did have it’s drawbacks.

The taxi ride from the airport was not one that will ever feature on my top ten car rides and I get carsick at the best of times.

3 hours of chop in a small boat…. yes.. that was me having a discreet chuck over the side of the 15m Stebber.  As a small point, the dried Mango slices that tasted like mango flavoured packing foam going down, didnt taste much better coming back up.

As a tip, if you are seasick in front of people who will point out your “Maritime” background, to save face, ask for a bucket and splosh any …er… residue off the side of the ship in a highly seamanlike manner.  It restores confidence.

Adding to this, we were all soaked through and became very cold – some more so than others:   http://news.smh.com.au/breaking-news-national/livesaving-exercise-becomes-emergency-20100522-w2vf.html .

After attending some debriefs and trying to eat a packed lunch from the Salvation Army Emergency Services Truck, transport was provided back to the airport.

In some kind of record, as I was sans checkables,  QANTAS allowed me to change onto an earlier flight – get this: I arrived at the airport at 1408, and was boarding a flight home at 1430.  Trouble was a) I was still soaked and cold, b) was still feeling unhappy in the tummy and c) was now on a Dash8.  D) a BUMPY Dash8.


(yeah – it’s great – I managed to be three kinds of motion-sick in one day.)

 Landing in Canberra, still in wet jeans, I turned up Green Car’s heating (which promptly fogged the windows) and opted to divert to Mother & Father Figure’s house, a bath and a nap before heading home.

Driving home, feeding those with tails and getting into bed again all happened in very quick time. Yes, I’m single and I was in bed by 7.30 on a Saturday. This is a great life I lead. 

Sunday was necessarily a quiet day, with two German Shepherds proving that they are downright lousy at helping you sweep up the garage but Lockie (new male shepherd) is growing in prowess at MouseCatching.

The scarf is now on the picot round – so nearly finished, and I have every intention of wrapping it up tonight….


Now it’s Monday morning and my stomach is still reminding me it doesnt like being shaken up and I’m about to head off to a crafty group lunchtime session. 



~ by SB&C on May 24, 2010.

One Response to “Extremes”

  1. I want to say something soothing and sympathetic and maybe I will just as soon as I stop laughing. I’m really happy everyone came out of this exercise in disaster with no lasting injuries. For the record, I never make fun of anyone who chucks his/her cookies over the side. I’m the person who pulls the car over, opens the door and loses it if the road kill has been in the sun too long. I’ve never been a victim of motion sickness but nasty smells… ew. For God’s sake don’t fart near me.

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