So many WIPs, too many good intentions

not nearly enough time.

The scarf (and a half) reached it’s conclusion last night with – get this: a whole 2m of yarn left.

It is now neatly folded ready to passed to it’s intended owner.  As an aside – 3 more balls of yarn down!

Once it was finished, noting that I wasnt entirely sleepy, I turned to the puddle of WIPs that has formed around “my” couch (Housemate and I have both self appointed couches of choice for pyjama-clad lounging – mine is distinguishable by the works in progress, hers by the finished blankies she likes to wrap herself in) and had a moment of pause.

The small herd of WIPs and UFOs (though I would like to clarify: those clustered around the couch are more likelyto be in some stage of progress than merely “unfinished”.) is not exactly small.

The current constellation includes (but may not be limited to) my newest RR for the Bendigo sheep and Wool Show in July. It’s… relatively on track.  A bag of multi coloured wools and a chain of interlinked coluored circles from when I was trying a unique border.  Border proved too unique.   There is a granny square baby blankie in there somewhere (using up yarn), the first 3 rows of an ABC afghan in Sock yarn,  the yoke of a Feathersoft baby cardigan – which actually wont take too much to finish, the Laceweight Christening Gown is there as well as three cones of 2/80 merino (this stuff is like crocheting with spiderwebs) and some spare balls from the Un Deux Troix shawl – still in production.

There’s a footstool that stands guard, holding back the tide…

The UDT shawl is The Travelling WIP – it comes with me in the car to help pass the time; traffic lights presenting an opportunity to get at least three repeats done.  Waiting for other departments to get their act in gear at night when still in the office is also a good time and sometimes we make it to the legitimate forum of the Monday Lunchtime group.  Due to UDT’s status as the Travelling WIP, UDT stays in the car and thus when the scarf was complete;  I had to consider my options.

Reaching the end of a project oftentimes provokes the need to deal in a very different yarn next, to cleanse the palate of the acres of 2ply/4ply/8ply/mohair/thread we’ve just turned out.  The scarf and a half wasnt around long enough (hah) to have incurred such emotion so I was at a bit of a loss.

When in doubt, in this case, I went for the oldest WIP and opted for the Gown.

These decisions are important.

They stop me starting something new.

Except for that whole take too many flu tablets from last week thing.

In other news….

The yarn destash is still going well, this is the heap that someone bought the other day : 

Yes – she bought everything yarny on the table.

Oh – and that’s Lockie peering in through the window.

I am pleased with myself for destashing – there is still plenty on the destash page if you’re looking!


~ by SB&C on May 25, 2010.

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