Its all an adventure…

Just keep telling yourself that.

Was the mantra I muttered to myself as, for the second time in a week, I was soaked through to the skin before breakfast.

Today was bookmarked as a Charity visit – and would involve Kj the Adjacent Alpaca and my diminutive Equine Ziggy visiting a disabilities support group.

I had identified the challenges : Catching an Alpaca by yourself, convincing Mother_figure she had to attend, convincing Ziggy to share the horsefloat with an Alpaca and vice versa.

What I hadnt factored in … was the weather.

Instead of the cool, even frosty mornings we’ve been having, we were experiencing what can only be described as deluge.

Conditions underfoot were slush, and the three Alpaca boys were drenched.   Two German Shepherds were also soaked and there is little in the world that feels like a wet German Shepherd tail whacking you in the shins.

This is the point where I think I started to swear. 

I knew I could have a reasonable go at drying Ziggy – who was also rugged, but a soggy Alpaca kinda defied plausible drying.

Trying to lure the threesome into a corner with horsequality meadow hay made a good start at getting them to be where I wanted  themto be.  However Cooperative is not a word that would feature in any description of an Alpaca.

After an hour of stalking around in the gathering wet, I gave up on the idea of Alpacas visiting Churches.

Ziggy was his usual easy to catch self (helps when the target is only 38″ tall) and was mollified about having his own breakfast interrupted by being led into the garage and tied up next to the 20 bales of hay currently stacked and stored.  He wasnt terribly wet but being rubbed over by towels fixed the worst of it.

Loading a Mini into a Warmblood sized horsefloat is easy – and when you stop for petrol you can explain to everyone who wants to see in, that this is what happens when you put your show horse in the wash, and forget to use cold water.

We made it safely to our destination (no help AT ALL from my GPS unit – M & D gave me for Christmas. It pretends not to know where half of Canberra is, and mispronounces the other half) and spent another 10 minutes with towels.  Mother_figure doing well to hold Ziggy as his face was scrubbed.  She was then put on camera duty….

The black lump there in the middle is Ziggy, receiving lots of pats, bread and being brushed to within an inch of his life.

The tarp was put down as a preventative measure, ponies being known to have little discrimination in where they lift their tails.

Once again, Zig distinguished himself by not forgetting his manners, and the tarp was only necessary to stop chaff and Equibix from being trodden into the carpet.

Ziggy withstood over an hour of pats and people huddled around him with very little complaint.  Towards the end his ears were beginning to spend more time back than forward so we called it quits.

 Lunch was a homemade pumpkin soup (with – the maker confided – Tabasco sauce to give it some kick) and a yummy Lemon meringue pie to go with it.   

The scarf (and a half) was presented to it’s intended recipient, and Ziggy and I took our leave…

So now I am home, on a Wednesday, and I fully intend to soak in a HOT bath..

Hugs to you all…


~ by SB&C on May 26, 2010.

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