The days grow colder now

Now into June, and winter is here.

Its the shortness of daylight:  not really light until after 7, and you can see yourself in the office windows long before going home time.

Canberra's Lake Burley Griffin, named after our town planner, quite picturesque at sunset.

Feeding horses gets harder in the dark, Aston hates my headlamp and will try to eat it.   Matilda tosses her head and thinks about shying and the Alpacas treat the light’s beam as a burning laser and leap to get out the way.

The  dogs’ eyes are also different colours, Jorja reflects orange and Lockie reflects blue.  Those two are still in disgrace after the Pollard incident of Saturday.

To explain….

Last weekend, I threw out  30kg of a 40kg bag of Pollard which the mice have obviously been in (the hint was the smell).

Due to the rain, it only got out as far as the side door.  Note – when I say rain, I mean torrential monsoonal downpour.

Pollard has the same texture as flour.

Lockie found the Pollard.

Which I will remind you has the same texture and properties as flour.

30 kgs of flour.

Please consider the weather on the weekend.

And be aware that the dogs’ favourite place to sleep is outside my window.

Which is where I tried to improve the quality of the soil, in what was historically a flower bed, by cleaning up after Ziggy.

At one point during Sunday, I walked past the glass sliding door to see two… shapes wagging their – what one can only presume to be “tails” – at me. 

Ears were at half mast because the pair were quite aware that being encrusted from Snout to tail tip in wet mouse wee-smelling flour, highlighted with horse poo, was not going to be warmly received.

At all.

The upside of the weather on the weekend saw me spend a significant portion of it snuggled up – it was all just too wet.  Taking advantage of the reduced options for activity,  I worked a number of small projects, including the cape started whilst under the influence, a second Baby Avatar Afghan and of course : The Lace Weight Christening Gown.

Progress was noted all round.

The most significant milestone, however, to report is the second version of the Un Deux Trois shawl.  Whilst stopped at traffic lights this morning, UDT2 went from 4 shells, to 3 shells to 2 and then – while stuck behind a coach:  The last shell repeat.

So now I have proven the Un part of the pattern, I can move onto the Deux. Photo to follow!

Other news is that the intended recipient of the Baby Avatar Afghan V 1.0 arrived via c-section this morning and is a healthy 6lbs 12 and 49cm long, Jasmine Isabella.  Everyone is doing very well 🙂

hugs to you all.


~ by SB&C on June 2, 2010.

One Response to “The days grow colder now”

  1. And you didn’t take a picture of the dogs all covered in Pollard? Hopefully all the rain helped clean them up a little bit!

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