Political Comment : Tax on Mining for bolstering of Super

Its rare that I make a political comment.. but the tax that our current government seeks to impose upon the Mining and resources sector has provoked me to say a few words.

Having worked in the Mining sector and seen what the people who do the work to produce the essential elements of our lives (coal, aluminium, iron, gold, etc) ACTUALLY DO, I feel that I am qualified to have an opinion.

Placing a tax, designed to bolster the economy, solely upon one sector of the Resource sector, assigning them this fiscal burden, is irresponsible and unfair.

 Australia has for a long time been referred to as “riding on the sheep’s back” noting our dependence upon the Wool trade, now I have visions of a politcal cartoon with Aussies perched in the back of a CAT 773 dumpy.

In true West Wing fashion, if I were the Toby Ziegler advising the Liberals, I would suggest that any speech that any liberal who wants to get elected at the next round should include the words:  That they will not shore up Superannuation at the expense of any one sector of the Australian community.

Sure, Labour, place extra taxes on miners, and watch more sites go under and watch the only sector that still grew during the GFC stumble. 

Do I miss my orange shirted days?

Very much… and if I think about it, the missing grows greater: Brocks Greek – the land of the Shiny Rocks, went broke in the first days of the GFC, their margin was always small and the parent body was Canadian.  No one in the government acted to save 350 jobs.

Additionally, in August last year, when I was busy with leaking oil rigs, Geoff Akers, the man who gave me the start in the shiny rocks, was killed when he was hit by a road train outside the gates to his property.   He died before help could arrive, three hours later.

The world doesnt get smaller.. there’s just less in it.


~ by SB&C on June 3, 2010.

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