My head in my hands, down on my knees

For a very long time, the phrase I have used to try and reassure people has been “If that <insert occurence here> is the worst thing that happens today, everything will work out ok.”

I’ve used it when a shelf stacker apologised profusely for the pallet of bread that was in the way of some frozen goods I was trying to get at.  He said that some people had yelled at him because of the inconvenience.   I used it once because an over-dieted fashionista got bumped in the aisle of a QANTAS jet and got twitched at me.

Dear God, what must your life be like if you lose the plot just because someone bumped you? 

The definition of wealthy is having a life that is rich in experiences – those sort of people must be verging on the spiritually bankrupt.

Its been nearly a week since the really really worst thing happened.  I can honestly say that there’s little in the world that will outdo that – for a while at least.  Alfred the Alone Alpaca has taken to coming up to the house to say “Mrrrma?”   He doesnt quite understand either.  He saw us loading KJ’s and Alvin’s remains into the bulldozer and drive them away, but he was cut and bleeding so our concern was to get him sedated and treated as quickly as possible.  Maybe he didnt get to take it all in.  

 I found him and Aston talking over their fence today,  Alfred used to shove Aston off his food bucket when Aston was a yearling – they’re a bit more evenly matched now. 

I haven’t not had dogs in nearly two years – it’s strange to come home and not be greeted by the dance of Extreme Doggy Joy.   Matilda and Ziggy also look around for my furry escorts, Ziggy pushing his nose into my pocket to question why things have changed.

As for me – the pain in my neck and shoulder deteriorated to the point where I couldnt turn my head or lift my arms above my waist. The doctor has diagnosed a torn trapezius muscle (from dragging Alvin’s body) and recommended buying a rifle to put down BAD dogs and a lot of painkillers.  My doctor is Korean war vintage, and said that he knew I was in pain as soon as he saw me in the waiting room – as I wasnt crocheting.

 I have however done some writing of patterns, so there will be some more free crochet patterns coming shortly – including a revised border for the Baby Avatar ghan, a new scarf pattern and the much promised UDT shawl.  Also will take photos when I can use my hands again properly.

Until then – I ask you to consider that the bravest man I know, a 27 year old Fijian man, who risked his own life by climbing over the side of his ship in gale force conditions (without a safety line or lifejacket)  to rescue a 71 year old man, was awarded today the International Maritime Organization’s Medal for Extreme Bravery at Sea.  There is no better person in the world today than James Fanifua.  

 If you are in despair at how life looks, be grateful that this world contains a man chose to save a stranger.

hugs to you all – one armed from me.


~ by SB&C on June 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “My head in my hands, down on my knees”

  1. what a way to sum up a blog post! thats the ultimate! hope you are on the mend!

    hugs back at you but not too hard.

  2. sending good wishes all the way from Idaho – as an animal lover, esp. dogs, I really hurt with you . . .

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