At the closing of the year

And so I am listening on the ear buds to one of my favourite songs – with the lyrics, if I  cannot bring you comfort, then at least I bring you hope, resonating.

This is the shortest day of the year in the southern hemisphere, which means it’s, conversely, the longest night.  which brings me to something I’d like to get out in the open.. because well, these things fester if you let them…

Dear Alpacas,

(specifically Alfred and Chelsea),

Whilst I understand last night was a long  night, and you both needed something to fill in the time, and after a whole two weeks together, I guess it was time to take the next step in your relationship but… A) did it HAVE to be at 00friggin’early and b) up against the lounge room windows?

Just saying.

and look – I am sorry about the whole Alpacoitus Interruptus thing when I pulled you, Alfred, away from you, Chelsea, by the tail, but you know – I didn’t want to have to explain to the Glass repair man how the windows got broke in the first place.

The Hay Person.


I get that the Summer & winter solstices are a time for fertility rituals, but the noise of two fornicating alpacas, bonking (literally) up against the lounge room windows sounded like the whole house was coming down and was, in my opinion, unnecessary.     I am actually pretty sure that a lot of the noise was due to the fact that of the two making the beast (I would say with two backs, but it seemed more like one back and 8 squabbling legs, like a orgasmic octopus was complaining on my front porch) only one of them *really* felt like it, and the other was just objecting.

I don’t like to ask personal questions of Alpacas, and really don’t know what the external signs of an alpaca in heat look like (mares yes, and one of mine is just shameless in advertising how she feels) but I was led to believe that both girls were enceinte.  Whether Alfred didn’t know and/or just didn’t care – well.. this is something we’ll all discuss later.

After a quiet (well… for a given value of Chaos and a side order of Holy hell, what next) weekend, which included Mother_figure, Father_figure and KT and I forming a Pacaposse to herd Alfred into a corner in order to remove his stitches, the legacy left by the BAD DOGS.  Four people, herding a VERY suspicious Alpaca into a pen, applying a bag to his head, and then all pressing down to convince him to couch, so we could then roll him over and snip stitches must have been great viewing for the passersby.

Orion, my large TB gelding stood by with a “should I be worried?” expression during the whole thing, lending some measure of support to Alfred,  who was not thrilled by the experience, hence possibly his seeking comfort with Chelsea. 

In other news… I am able to crochet again and finished another sock yarn scarf, also known as Scarf and a half – depending on what yarn is in use.

 Finished product

 Looks like this.

This is a skein of hand-dyed sock yarn I bought at Salamanca Markets in Hobart, Tasmania about a year ago.

Knitters have plenty of patterns for a single skein of yarn, but crocheters are hampered by the amount of yarn that it takes to make many items.

This is 36 repeats of an archway type pattern, leaving me with a small ball of leftovers – possibly could have gone one more repeat, but nothing would be worse that frogging the whole wretched thing back to the starting band…

 I am in the process of bashing the pattern down – am on row three, but I think I might need to do some drawings.

Otherwise, Happy Winter Solstice from Australia where the theme song should possibly be The Bad Touch ,

“You and me baby aint nothing but….”

Yes – but just not against the windows, please!

Hugs – at a discreet distance to all.


~ by SB&C on June 21, 2010.

3 Responses to “At the closing of the year”

  1. Perhaps we should have left the stitches in after all…

  2. And you didn’t take a picture??

  3. An ejoyable lazy afternoon read A. Nice to know you continue to grow the family 🙂

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