Ouch! Ouch! New Pattern Itchies


It happened yesterday – and it hasn’t happened for a while – actually, last time it did – I stayed home from work all day just to make it and that was two years ago.

Yesterday,  I saw a pattern I absolutely and positively HAD TO MAKE.


Oh my god.

I printed it out.

I carried it to the Monday lunch group with me. I high-lighted it. I stroked it.

I was pretty sure – and this will stun and amaze all who know me – that I had enough yarn to make it.  What’s more: In the Stash, and I wouldnt have to buy anything to make it.

Once I was home, with a slight side track to pay the vet for her stitching of injured Alfred the Alpaca…and everyone who expected feeding was fed, and the fornicating Alpacas (not actually fornicating at this time) were checked, I was finally at liberty to stash dive.

Which was reckless as I was alone, and there is the potential for cave ins.

Are you ready for this :


Yes, thats some of my stash……

The cream wool I had in mind was quickly located (which again, will probably stun and amaze everyone) but this is where the wheels came right off.  Actually – you can see it in the photos: if you can see the green plastic bag on top of the cones on top of the cardboard box? Just to the left there’s a cake of yarn balanced – that was the reject!

It wouldn’t work for the pattern.  It lacked the sheen of a “finished” yarn, being more a Fisherman’s type yarn.

Hrrrrmmmm.   Slight Puzzlement.

Never fear – I have at least three other kinds of cream/natural coloured 8ply – worsted Wool in bulk, in Stash – somewhere.. in the Stash.

Which is entirely true – and what’s more I found them…. and a quick check of the pattern (which, I’ll mention, was tucked into my bra) also had the doors fall open in a humourous way: I didnt have enough. and chances were the dye lot (yes.. even ‘natural’  yarn has dye lots) would not match.

<swear word>

I did the math on how much it would cost to go and buy the yarn that I would need and my heart caved a little.

This was when I saw, in one of my drawers, what can only be considered the most beautiful sight a Woolpig could ask to see….

7 skeins of Tussah silk, in it’s most gorgeous, natural honey gold colour and there was enough.

 And it was just beautiful.

There was some fiddling with hook size to get  enough drape and “standup factor” needed for the raised stitches, but that is all part of the fun.

Once all the technicals were done, I settled down with the pattern to make the first square – and omg… I am still in love.

I wanted desperately to make this my travelling pattern but a) it’s silk, b) it’s cream silk which is likely to be unforgiving of dirt, c) involves counting (not conducive to driving), d) I want it to be an entry for upcoming shows and e) there’s not a Snowcone’s chance in hell that if I have it with me that I will get any work done.


~ by SB&C on June 22, 2010.

6 Responses to “Ouch! Ouch! New Pattern Itchies”

  1. it’s going to be beautiful!

  2. Drool…. that yarn is gorgeous!

  3. Oh, I am soooo jealous!! Uber gorgeous!!

  4. hey Amanda:)
    im the crocheting girl, Phoebe, you met in the Sydney airport. took me a while to find you, but luckily from alittle while of internet trawling, managed. please email me if you want to get in touch:)
    ps. us crochet girls have to stick together in places like airports.

  5. i like the yarn + stash + new pattern happy ending 😀

  6. Amanda, I started your Avatar pattern for my 7-year old granddaughter and realized well into it that it will likely be too small. Do you think that I can make two (side) panels, which would be the exact pattern and add them on or should I leave this project for another day and start a new Avatar (only bigger) for my GD. This is for her birthday on 12/24/10. Need to get it done quickly.

    Thank you for your help. Yolanda Carlson

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