How to know when a Round Ripple is too big?

When it takes more than 100grams of pure wool to complete one row.

With a long list of items to finish before Canberra Show and a finite amount of time, planning of activities other than crocheting like… housework has to be done carefully.  I also have to watch how my hands are doing lest there is an attack of The Claw.  This means I intersperse repeats of tunisian squares with winding the 435gms (Have I mentioned how much I love my scales?) of natural cream 8ply. For the record, that is about half a kilometre of yarn.

Winding that took most of How to Train Your Dragon which, anyone would admit, is a long time.  What is also of concern is the fact that if my calculations are correct, that’s only three rows of HDCs.


My yarn issues have been complicated by being unable to find the colour I want in a wool to felt for another pair of French slippers.  I found the loveliest Pink NZ wool.  During an episode of Law and Order, I gaily made up a French slipper… and then just happened to read, in very small print on the FRONT of the label… “Machine Washable”.  French swear words followed.  The care instructions said hand wash, cool iron, no tumble dry. Which leads one to suspect that this yarn would felt.  Just as a point – no, no it don’t.  So I have a frogging job to do AND need to find two balls of a marshmellow pink yarn that felts.

I know – it’s the small things that make my life interesting. 

On the animal front, over the weekend, one Golden Retriever demonstrated the breed-wide inability to deal with thunderstorms.   Whilst finding a Westie on the dining table is cute,  a Golden cowering three feet above the floor – less so.  The level to which he reacted to Saturday night’s storm was incredible; I tried a burst of Rescue Remedy and ended up with him locked in the bathroom with a radio playing.   Goldens are not very brave!

Anyway – am pushing forward with Misstitched, more people are coming to read, I am still trying to get the old What Not To Crochet posts up but time gets the better of me some nights…

Anyway – hugs to you all..


~ by SB&C on January 24, 2011.

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