Please say a prayer for Queenslanders

tonight for them will be bad, but tomorrow will be beyond imagining.

Through my own blog,  as well three years of What Not To Crochet and now  Misstitched, I’ve had the privelege of speaking with thousands of people.  Regular readers and those who just drop in.

Tonight, Australia, and Queensland is facing a storm larger than Hurricane Katrina and there is nothing more that can be done until it is over.  If you have a spare moment in your prayers, please think on those in Queensland who are hunkered down in shelters waiting for Tropical Cyclone Yasi to pass by.

As a concept – this is what Tropical Cyclone Yasi looks like in comparison to the continental US:


~ by SB&C on February 2, 2011.

3 Responses to “Please say a prayer for Queenslanders”

  1. Please know, without doubt, that the caring people of the world will be praying for Queensland and, I hope, for the people of Egypt. We live in a troubled world but there are oodles of us who believe in the power of prayer.

    • Thanks John, there is a nation counting their blessings here – only man reported missing at this stage and just a lot of damage which gives people the opportunity to go in a whole new direction.

  2. I know that the cyclone has already hit, but plz know that I have been praying for the ppl of Queensland and Austrailia in general the past few months. The flooding that the ppl there have experienced was horrendous, but now with this on top of all of that, is just more than a mind can comprehend. I pray that all are safe and sound in God’s loving arms.

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