And that’s over

The run up to Canberra Royal has been and gone – I went without sleep for 28 hours, the loungeroom floor is slowly making a reappearance and now I just have to wait until Friday to find out what the judge thought.

I have caught up on a few patterns and have published my Single Sock Skein Scarf pattern and there’s a .pdf for those who prefer being able to print out the pattern.

There are a couple more on their way – including one for my Caterpillar, seen here in an embryonic state!

Others to come will be my Cherry Blossom Necklace and a Duffle Coat.

One of my Canberra Royal Items is a Geisha – I can post a picture now judging is over, I feel that it’s not appropriate to publish pictures until after the judging… So here’s one item, from a pattern sent to me through Misstitched, all the way from Sweden!

Forgive the gunky picture!

She’s made with a mix of Tencel and bamboo yarns, plus the trim on her kimono is in a handpainted sock yarn.


~ by SB&C on February 22, 2011.

2 Responses to “And that’s over”

  1. You make me feel so lazy!

  2. […] crocheting « Tag Feed Posted in More Crocheting | Tags: Crocheting Designs, Crocheting Materials, Crocheting […]

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