Before they were finished

I thought it was time to look back on some of my items – I’m really pleased with the way some of these photos turned out, thanks to Mr Nikon D80 and the Speedlight Flash which gives a pretty light.   It’s also to distract me because tomorrow, the Show opens and those who have entered Canberra Show for 2011 can see what the Judge thought.

I am looking forward to hearing what the judge thought of my first attempt at Freeforming:

This is a look at the structural bits of my bag – there’s a satin lining over a layer of quilt batting then the shadecloth as recommended by Prudence Mapstone to make the shell of a bag, which I have to say: worked a treat.  I didn’t make motifs and join them, rather started with the base, and then worked my way up, using scraps.  The buttons came from my Grandmothers button box.

For the show, I turned the skein of 435gms of Naturally Cream Merino into basically, an Afghan Egg:

And forgive me here but:  That first egg was named Thought.  Tathagata Buddha, the Father Buddha says: “with our thoughts, we make the world.”  Elemental forces acted upon the egg – well.. at least me and a 5.5mm Crochet hook did… and out sprang:

My second Round Ripple using naturally coloured locally bred Merino.  This is the Afghan going in a chocolate round, about to change to the cream.  Something I learnt with this Afghan was the definitive need to have long tails to weave in.  In hindsight, my mistake was making it a 7 point, it was supposed to be a 6 point starter and the edge has gone ruffley.

Another item which is mindboggling for it’s content is the 2 Ply Christening Gown.  It’s not quite as fine as the Long Running Laceweight!  But I did start it two years ago, when I was living in the House of Many Labradors.

This is 2.7 kilometres of 2 ply Merino.  The skirt is 48 centimetres long, and then there’s the Lining:

That’s all been worked with a 1.75mm hook.


So – we’ll find out tomorrow…


~ by SB&C on February 24, 2011.

4 Responses to “Before they were finished”

  1. Good luck!! Those are gorgeous!!

  2. Oh my. I remember when the Christening Gown was started…that is absolutely stunning. You are an artist.

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  4. your round ripple done in chocolate, i love, love love it. is this your pattern? and do you sell the pattern? what a wonderful piece.

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