Canberra Royal 2011

Today couldn’t be weirder if my boss had up and announced that he now wishes to be known as The Grand Duchess Ludmilla.   Features include: pen maintenance; a frantic trip through fog, complete with Llamas in the trailer in front of me, doing their favourite travelling game of pulling faces at passing cars, all but holding signs indicating that they were being kidnapped out the window;  a  delay of 15 minutes standing in a line that was queueing on it’s way to active revolt.  This delay  featured some interesting conversations regarding the level of stupidity and treasonous behaviour by our politicians (Hey Ms Gillard – one of your campaign promises was NO Carbon Tax!) before finally: we were at the The Show.

Important to note that while I was in limbo, not quite at the show, a blast from the past managed to stalk me to my desk.  Which I wasn’t at. Goodness or not is still to be decided.  Long term followers of the Blog need not be afraid, we’re not talking toads nor vanilla here. 

After detouring through the dogs hoping to restore my faith that West Highland White Terriers were actually named for the colour they were supposed to be, rather than just a dream that someone was holding on to,  I made it to the craft pavilion.  I had been asked to snap some shots of the papercraft section, and so that was my first stop as I walked in the door


the delicacy of her work is impressive!

I love the round ones in the front.


and here we are at the Crochet display section.

No Mother_Figure wearing a hat, as she and F_F are currently on holiday in Vietnam.

We can see my Caterpillar in the front left, he won his class, beating the Geisha into third. Interesting!  there was a LOT of thread work this year, including my own doily which took a second.  It’s reassuring to know you can hold your own!

Wish the Geisha’s head was at a better angle though!!

The pink polar fleece square I edged and then appliqued irish crochet roses to has won a first, and the finger puppets for “Things of the Forest” has won not only first in a fairly hotly contested class but also Champion in the Open challenge section!

The Free form bag, peeking through to the right took a second, the item that beat it went on to win the Non-pro section champion and Overall Champion and can be seen in the shot above with the Red and white Rosette.

Something I am really pleased with: One of my own designs won a First in the Childrens’ Garment. 

 This is a Crocheted Duffle Coat in Lionbrand’s Wool Ease in Cocoa, Cranberry Heather and Blush Heather, aimed at a four year old, with cherry blossoms crocheted and sewn on.

Working this took a little bit of juggling to get the rolled edge to the hem, cuffs and hood edge.  I will be publishing this pattern for those who like Duffles!

More photos to follow, but generally we’re happy.  The Afghan and Baby blanket both took seconds – again hotly contested classes.  The felted slippers and the cushion were second placegetters as well and the challenge Scarf still has to be judged.  The christening gown and my shawl were also rans, but very strong classes.  My entries for the Jewellery section and  the Tunisian crochet scarf in a chenille both won their classes, so I’m quite chuffed about that!

 This was my first real go at Tunisian, the idea was to produce an item that was  reminiscent of Australian Landscapes. I used a fairly fine chenille that was dyed in the beiges and blue greys of the Australian bush and the long stranding of the Tunisian technique supplied the texture of branches, grass and gumleaves.

For those not familiar with Tunisian, it is worth a try! Using a Worsted weight yarn and a normal 4mm hook, you can make quite a neat scarf.

Anyway – a Section Champion, 6 firsts, 6 seconds and 2 thirds, not bad!


~ by SB&C on February 25, 2011.

3 Responses to “Canberra Royal 2011”

  1. Wooo-Woooo!!! Congrats!!!!

  2. Wow! How many items did you enter? Good going!

    Renee 🙂

  3. I was admiring your work again this year! I also remembered it has been a year since I admired the shawl from last year that you were going to put the pattern up. Any news on where that is up to?

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