you know things are bad, when you’re tired of the QANTAS Club

Six weeks of no posts, lots of changes, and yet another morning in the QANTAS club, waiting to go somewhere and then come back again.

I’m heading to New Zealand for literally a go, talk, eat dinner and come back again.  I complained about this recently to someone who was most incredibly unsympathetic and well.. yeah – here we go again.

Unavailable for comment

Packing this morning, sans Small White Furry Helper (see picture – he’s currently terrorising the cats at M_F’s house) was relatively uneventful, the hardest part being trying to find a project to take with me. Having recently completed the Sydney Royal entry array, I really don’t have anything in the “able to travel” box. 

And to go without yarn on a 5 hour flight is unthinkable, and not to mention the temptation of buying when we get there….

Oh yes – I’m also taking a 2kg cone of merino with me for one of the yarn store gang I met last time I was in NZ.  If I can find the store again.  Better hope my yarndar is working.

Where I’m heading to in NZ is Wellington, well north of the devastated Christchurch, though earthquakes have been experienced.  I’m not a 2012 doomsayer, but lord almighty, New Zealand AND Japan in the space of a month?

And the Polar Bear died as well. 

This kinda sucks, folks.

The “skype scandal” at my alma mater, the Australian Defence Force Academy comes hot on the heels of some late night conversations with someone who crossed my path for the first time in *gulp* 17 years last year… who sounded like he had inhaled the phone when we first spoke, and almost prompted me to take refuge in a potplant in Darwin.  He still looks very much like the 19 year old with that sleepy smile .. a little more forehead perhaps 🙂

But the recurring theme behind our “remember whens” was at least some level of fun, and maybe just a little bit on the bittersweet side to remember as the end to our friendship came abruptly, but.. at least: we’re not looking back in anger, I’m not sure if the cadets involved in this will be able to say the same when they meet again in 20 years.

On the Plan Woolly front, inertia on the part of shire councils and other issues have combined to put the plans onto the shelf. Some sleepless nights and some soul searching will see changes, hopefully for the better, and Mother_figure will get to test Fergus’ cheese eating capacity to the limit…

I have also listed a bunch of yarn on eBay for sale – under the name frogrockr, including some Jo Sharp Alpaca Silk Georgette – check it out!


~ by SB&C on April 12, 2011.

2 Responses to “you know things are bad, when you’re tired of the QANTAS Club”

  1. There you are! I was wondering where you’ve been. Next time I’ll be happy to sub for you in New Zealand 🙂

  2. Is it possible to get hold of the Crochet pattern for the christing gown? Best, from Elizabeth Viljoen

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