On the Beingness of Things or even: The Thinginess of Being

Making changes to your life, deciding what stays and what goes seems to be one of the hardest things to do.

I found that people seem to come and go, without rhyme, reason or explanation.  Only occaisionally do you have to make the deicsion to put them away.  That said,  this does seem to be the year where some come back around. And seriously – 2011? Season 3, Ep 21 of Castle ? – you can go and salute me on the hind parts.   Putting labels to some situations, as I am labelling boxes to move out of the Custard House, is also proving nigh-on impossible.  If there was no word for what you were to someone then, how can you put a name to what you are now?

Finding new owners for the horses is challenging enough, fortunately Ziggy has found a terrific family of three small people all roughly his eye level, Matilda has gone already and Orion was tried yesterday – my fingers are crossed.

That’s the massive Orion, named after the constellation I would watch out the window in the Land of Shiny Rocks.  He is completely diesel powered and I am so hoping that the girl who tried him will actually buy him.

Destashing yarn is hard – some yarn that was bought on spec has been easy to let go of, and joined the parade down the hallway. Other yarns, embodied with hopes and plans and could bes, are more of a wrench to put out into the corridor.  The process of cataloguing and photographing has to be done, so don’t think, don’t remember. Just pick up, put down. turn on camera, click, It’s just a symbol, it doesn’t mean what you think. 

This concept – the quality of an item taking on it’s own history, becoming a totem of memory for the circumstances under which is what bought, the purpose for which is was intended and the paths it accompanied me on… All summed up in the demise of my Big Red Laptop on the Thursday night before Easter.

All the airmiles, all the blog posts, the emails and pictures that he and I logged… Wow. Conversations with people, hopes that rose so high when someone remade contact after a year of silence all tied up in one .. object. No – the data is not lost, but… that quality of Being – is.

Big Red Laptop’s replacement is a far slimmer, equally capable beast. We had our first roadtrip on the weekend to the coast and we’ve overcome a bunch of teething issues – involving the 23rd Python and whatever the hell it was doing to my .dll files I may never know, but we’re back and running.

Being laptopless over Easter prevented me from making reference to Mother_figure and my Hobbit trip to the Sydney Royal Easter Show.  We went there and back again, on a train, which had the great thing of giving me 8 hours of crochet time, with no airline personnel accusing me of terrorist sympathies.

But we had a great trip and for the first time, I got to see my entries… and Ribbon winners (and class winners!!!) in situ. And discuss them with other showgoers – Muggles and those bitten by the yarn bug.

This was the year we cracked it though – 2 seconds: My Freeform Bag and the Round Ripple and 2 First places.

 My second slightly altered version of the Nicky Epstein Medallion Medley Shawl picked up a blue ribbon. Last year’s was a highly commended – so.. improvement.   And of course – the shawl has sold. <sigh> That’s great and all – but.. um.. d’oh. As a word of warning – anyone who starts making a Medallion Medley – some of the medallions do not lie flat and that just makes my toenails feel two sizes too small. I added some extra medallions – making big flat ones and some mid-size elements as well as attaching buttons from F_F’s mother’s button box, and silver beads.  I wasn’t happy the night before delivery (shock) with the gaps between the medallions and felt that it lacked a unifying feature, so I added fillin circles of beige Alpaca and a border in the same.

and our old friend: The 2ply christening Gown (as opposed to the Laceweight Christening Gown) who went from ignominy at Canberra to a First at Sydney.

There were oohs and aahs from passersby, and sibling Bob during her own trip to the Royal even snapped photos so… yeah – pleased 🙂  Each row, each stitch is a moment, thinking, tv, listening to people talk.

The Bodice was started at the house of many labradors, two years ago and then sleeves were done when yarns parted, or I came across a join in a part ball when I didn’t want to make another join in the skirt.

Lots of work.. but it is a thing.

and time to decide what to do with more things.

Yar is back up on eBay – frogrockr!

Hugs to you all.


~ by SB&C on May 2, 2011.

One Response to “On the Beingness of Things or even: The Thinginess of Being”

  1. Such a treat to read this post on my blogfeed – because a few of us were talking about your beautiful medallion shawl, I recognised the Nicky Epstein pattern and we were complimenting how great it was to see such Good Stuff getting rewarded in the crochet section. I also noticed your christening dress, it is indeed a Thing.

    So happy to put the name and blog to the work! Two thumbs up from me.

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