If I had words to make a day for you

Taking on a rescue dog comes with an incredible responsibility – making things better.  Trying to ease the memories of the horrible and not have the whole world seem like a place of terror to the already terrified.

It was a year ago today that I drove, with Mother_figure to Victoria to collect….

A chronically malnourished, abused dog. He’d been living in the most foul of circumstances.

 I am almost positive that it is Fergus at the .45 mark.

After a year of being loved, washed when he is filthy – which is frequently,  he is sometimes refered to as a South Canberran Green when he is at his more fragrant and somewhat more Breadmouldish type days. He has had two haircuts, licked clean a very new baby Alpaca, and  discovered the most wonderful things in the world: small white chewy bones and pigs ears.

 He is currently living with Mother_figure while I’m house sitting and she reports that he still wakes up in the middle of the night howling.  We won’t mention that he still harbours grievances against men and has snapped (and meant it) at Father_figure and the gardeners…

But – I think he has decided to stay..

It has been a good six months since I wrote a post – the demands on my time include why I am housesitting and not living at the small farm with horses and the ambulant stash.  Or the Stash for that matter!    The Stash is in storage but threatens to colonise almost all of Canberra – when packing to housesit, or travel – one of the hardest things to decide is what project(s) to take with me! So far have worked through quite a pile of small items as friends have decided to have a flurry of offspring!

So – the Ambulant Stash.  Selling Alpacas is not as easy as one would think. Despite the prolific nature of small designer blocks around the region – there are also a large number of Alpacca breeders who were seduced with the idea of how much money (SNIGGER) you can make from Alpaca breeding.  After some false starts – a buyer for Alfred, Paris, Chelsea and little Elspeth was found. Small hitch: She lived in Queensland.

Next time I offer to drive 3.5 Alpacas 1187 km… shoot me.  It will go down as being one of the more interesting drives I’ll ever make – sleeping in Green Car is something I have done before – and lived to blog about it, but Alpacas make a horse float – and it’s towing car shake when they stand up in the middle of the night. This means everyone else gets woken up. Hilarity does not necessarily ensue.

Hilarity does, however, ensue when

You leave three Alpacas who can reach over the top of a horse float tail gate, who like to wheedle people into getting within spitting range.

In the Car park at a McDonalds’.

Several McDonalds’.

 Between Canberra and Brisbane.

For Maximised Child Traumatisation.

And then the week after that little adventure – I packed up for a week of living in Cairns – which required 2 projects to come with me, and gave an opportunity to take photos!

Like these of the Welcome to Country Aboriginal Dance

and immediately returned to the Week From Hell – though Hell would have been warmer and not involved Mother_figure learning to use a Pressure Washer.  I moved house.

Why? Well – after a significant period of time, it became clear that Plan Woolly was not going to work in the way that I had hoped. The property had not had the subdivision approved and I couldn’t afford to keep paying rent. So… things had to change.

I am now in the process of buying a house in Canberra – it’s being built! Despite the best attempts of the weather…. But hopefully should be finished shortly.  Until then – I’m house sitting for people, with animals, including one Border Collie who was undergoing chemo and a pair of Labradors who greeted their owners with some thing approaching disdain on their return.

Though who is sitting whom:

was dubious but they seemed to like having me around:

Black dogs are hard to photograph.

But…no matter how many dogs I sit –  my heart still belongs to:

Happy Anniversary Ferg…

Next up – how many Frequent Flyer points can you gain in a year and still have your sanity? And your luggage?


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