Queanbeyan Show 2011

For someone who just won Most Successful Exhibitor in the photography section, you’d think I could remember to make sure my camera had an SD card in it.. :/

Mother Figure and I (both of us wearing hats) went to the show after taking Ferg to the vet – our old friend, the ear troubles, has made a reappearance so we went back to a familiar old veterinary clinic – one which still had a long-gone and dearly missed Golden Retriever on their register.

I had entered 14 photos and have picked up some 5 firsts and 3 seconds in a fairly large competition.

Which is encouraging – I might be doing something right after all!!

The Queanbeyan show appears to be suffering a little, with fewer people in attendance than I thought I had seen previously.  Certainly fewer horses going round than I remember.

I had meant to enter Aston, but this has been a week of obnoxiousness at work (hence a paucity of postings) that was coupled with unnecessary phone calls and a faint waft of faded vanilla and headbutting untidily with being away for the next week in Adelaide. For the third time this year.  Anyone would think I like the place!

Sorry – that proved more than enough to deal without adding a four year old Warmblood entire to the mix and getting him ready for the showring.

However – making him beyootiful and taking him out over summer is on the do list.  Does it count that his picture made it to the show?

My photography is at least doing ok, I detest the sentiment by so many people who own a DSLR – that they believe themselves to be a professional when all they can use is the Auto settings.   Do love my Nikons dearly – am trying to restrain myself from buying a package deal for a lens I’m coveting and a more advanced body in the D7000.

But hey.


Anyway – given that this is a blog about Crochet as well – should mention how we went there!

The 2ply Christening Gown made it’s last competition appearance  – winning a first and then Champion Woollen Exhibit – Wheeee!

Also won the Champion Other Materials with The Freeform Bag as pictured courtesy of my mobile rather than any part of the significant dollar valued photographic equipment I own.  I am at a loss to explain why the sash says “Junior” but hey.

Also winning places are the Duffle Coat – 1st, my latest version of a Baby blanky – 1st, The Round Ripple in Natural Yarns 1st, the newer version of the Un Deux Trois Shawl – 2nd, beaten by the RR, another baby blanket picking up a second and my two doilies also winners. Not terrible!!

I have moved out of the house sit, and am back with the Parental figures, though departing for Adelaide gives them a week without me! Then another housesit next weekend, looking after our old friend Octave the French Speaking Cavalier King Charles Spaniel while his owners go away for a fishing minibreak.

Am now in the process of packing for Adelaide, and like any Yarnite, my greatest concern is what projects to take with me.  I prefer not to work in white when travelling, so I’ve opted for the 2/3rds finished body of the laceweight Regency Shawl using Filatura di Crosa Nirvana in what can only be described as an elephantine grey but has the advantage of being enormously (in an elephantine sort of way) forgiving on less-than-clean South Pacific airports.   I have 2 hours of travel to Adelaide (and then again home, but previous experience dictates that the flight back from any of my conferences -such as Cairns in June – usually involves me being asleep before they call pushing back) which offers the time to achieve about 6 rows of split shells which is….. a bit.  In a project that calls for 47 of them, and I’ve done 28.

This yarn is now remarkably well travelled having crossed Australia – after purchase in Western Australia,  was my WIP for the flights to/across/returning from Fiji and kept me from outright murdering people in the waiting lounge of the Velocity club Brisbane. Oh Yes – Virgin Australia – that really was the sucks.

My laceweight jag shows no sign of abating but my only hang up is that when people offer to destash, they only ever have one skein – not the three or four that I would like.  My current sitting in front of TV WIP is a project working of a 700gm cone of Cashmillon in 2ply. Hopefully that should be enough for the afghan I’ve chain on and am on my 46th row. When working in 2ply and using a 3mm hook to make an afghan, you really shouldn’t (well.. start the project in the first place comes to mind!) but you should refrain from that quantitative surveying of  how much you have done, how many rows are needed, what size you are making and the fact that it grows at two cm per repeat.

I also have a growing satellite stash which is NOT A Good Thing, and am not going to look up yarn stores in Adelaide.


Or Camera Stores.


Anyway – more packing – will catch you tomorrow.

Hugs to you all!!


~ by SB&C on November 12, 2011.

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