Another bragging photo or two

In case you’re ever wondering  – to copy photos from the onboard memory of a Panasonic TZ7 to an SD Card – when in the playback mode – go to menu and under Playback is Copy.

Well – that’s a new thing learnt for the day.

So – a photo of the Gown at Queanbeyan Show :

Courtesy of my ever so Portable Panasonic Lumix (My second Lumix due to the coal dust induced death of the first. But I can recommend the Lumix as a Point and Shoot when I don’t feel like being the life support system for a DSLR and whole of lens/flash/battery grip. )

The gown is actually a little creamier in actuality – just looks a little dingy inside the shed.  This is a version of the Leisure Arts pattern but with a satin underskirt then edged with more of the 2ply with a mesh involving puff stitches and the shell row.

In hindsight I would have used a lighter weight fabric as the lining. Maybe next time.

Next bragging photo is my new Baby Blanket pattern.  This is a yarn eater – this version took up over 1300m of 3ply yarn.  I used a cheap (and I remembered why as I was using it) acrylic – Panda’s Big Baby in the 3ply. It is a splitty yarn which is why I am not a fan.

For the benefit of Panda’s feelings – it is a nice yardage and the varigated blue comes in a lovely lot of colours, but it’s just wretchedly splitty.


This is another of my FP edged baby blankets with a loopy edging.

There’s a centre panel made from a chain 3,

Dc loop stitch and also two rows for ribbon.  The centre part is time-consuming but it is enough of fiddle to keep your interest.   The FPTC alternates with DCs which makes a nice ribby border. Pattern will be available shortly!


Anyway – am about an hour from having to start chasing around – have to get house key, collect entries from the show, come back, go to work, collect all the conference bits and then go to the airport.


Excellent – another hour or so waiting in an airline’s club lounge. Admittedly – at least the bar will be open… though.. I do have to drive when I get to Adelaide….

Also – we know what happens when I try to crochet under the influence.

Catch you later.


~ by SB&C on November 13, 2011.

One Response to “Another bragging photo or two”

  1. I just love the pattern of the Christening robe. We did manage to buy the pattern. It is on of three sets in a leaflet from Leisure Arts Inc. It was such a lovely surprise; my husband manage to get hold of it for me. And I’am planning to crochet the robe; for my new grandchild. Is it possible to explain how you had made the border on the lining? I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

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