Photos on my way out the door

Having packed and rounded up my entries from Queanbeyan Show, I was lucky enough to have Father_figure drive

me to the airport – stopping by the office to collect the boxes and banners that made up a significant proportion of the 69kg weight allowance that Virgin Blue airlines makes part of the Premium Economy package.

Whilst waiting in that airline’s transit lounge, I noticed that there were definite signs of the upcoming POTUS  visit to Canberra.  It’s a lousy photograph with the window reflection – but the Galaxy certainly drew it’s share of attention as it taxiied.

The flight allowed for a certain amount of Elephantine Grey Shawl crocheting, but  getting in front of the camera whilst I was checking I’d put everything back together properly after cleaning was the Beige Cashmilon Laceweight afghan (because you know… I enjoy watching no progress being made).

I actually can see that a dent has been made in the 700gm cone – there’s a teeny bit of a “lip” on the cone where I’ve been unspooling as I work.

Am in love with that shell pattern though.

It looks like little wheat ears.

Am still pondering over a border.

But that could be another year away.

Not sure if I am alone in the surveying of my work’s progress but at present I get 1 1/3rd rows done to an episode of The Big Bang Theory (from the DVD so without adverts) which would mean that each row takes me about 18 minutes.

Two rows to a repeat, so far at the 23rd repeat.

I am estimating that I will need somewhere around 70-80 repeats for an afghan.


Always a good subject for checking if cameras are ready is Mr Fergus.


Ferg’s three favouritest things to chew are a)fingers, b) little white rawhide bones and c) pigs ears.
There is nothing quite so offputting as finding a halfeaten pigs ear in bed with you.

So – cameras are back together, the 50mmF/1.4 and 18-200 VR are snicked on, we set off to Adelaide where I am finishing those second last bits.

The last bits get finished at 1045 tomorrow.

Conference starts at 11.

Hugs to you all.


~ by SB&C on November 14, 2011.

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